Mogilev Democrats want to hear the candidates for the presidency

Mogilev Democrats unhappy with the way the process of nominating candidates for the presidency of the opposition political organizations. The coalition of democratic forces in the region has decided to invite all the known candidates for its conference and on it to find out how each of them is going to achieve the goal — to win the presidential election.

Regional activists are now in despair, the presidential campaign of little interest, said co-chair the organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress Alexander Silkou:

Alexander Silkou

"While in Minsk applicants drag each other by plumes, in at least some regions are waiting for the results of this struggle, because they work the same. Now there is this: if someone applies for participation in the presidential campaign, the one you see in the comments- two reviews. People do not care. But the show "The Godfather" — a lot of comments. important for us, who is known contenders are ready to actually go to the polls, and who just decided popiaritsya — get warm. "

The head of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Vladimir Shantsev says that regional activists are waiting for candidates to start talking about the nomination of a single candidate.

Vladimir Shantsev

"Share for ten, twelve candidates for many — is defeated. Throws where defeat — for them it is not clear why do it. We must make great efforts to reach a consensus candidate to people seeing it, I realized that this is an alternative to Lukashenko. "

At the conference, to be held on July 31, representatives of the political organizations of Mogilev sum up the local council elections. Will evaluate participation. A positive experience will be a support for the presidential campaign.

Coalition of Democratic Forces of Mogilev region formed in July 2006. It is composed of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, the Belarusian Popular Front, the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada" Party of Freedom and Progress, and the Free Trade Union and a number of local coalitions of the region. In preparation for the conference involved the regional structure of the Left "Fair World", the Labour Party, the party "Hope." Coalition created for political election campaigns.


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