Mogilev: Problems with sending children to the UK for no improvement

Mogilev authorities did not confirm the information that the group of children Mogilev denied UK visas. Do not recognize this fact and in public charitable organizations that form the groups of children for recuperation abroad.

All such organizations before sending children abroad should check lists at the office of Education Executive Committee. According to there, all the children who had to travel to the UK visa got. Other information we do not, said an employee of the organization of the sector recovery.

Yesterday, in an interview with "Freedom" representative charity Chernobyl Children's Life Line in the UK reported that they received a copy of the document, according to which the British Border Agency refused to open 15 visas for Mogilev children who were going to the improvement in this country.

In the Minsk office of the organization of these data do not support:

All the children from our organization received a visa …

"All the children from our organization received a visa. There are difficulties in obtaining visas for the children who drop out of school — if not enough information about what they can keep something here. C perspective visa services, and they finished school, and the institute has not yet arrived, and in Belarus holds nothing. When all documents are collected, all given without problems. Publication of the same, which appeared in the "Independent", had to identify the problems that are created by the British side, as visa services are too big are the requirements for visa "- said the Minsk by the charity Chernobyl Children's Life Line.

Mogilev region about a dozen charitable organizations are licensed to overseas health of children. Most of them are about the difficulties to obtain visas to British learned from the publications on the Internet.

We have good relations with the British Embassy and all visas, which are accessed by, we got …

"We have good relations with the British Embassy and all visas, have been treated for, we got. I do not think that if there are any failures, they reason. We have already sent about three hundred children. During the year leaves 500-600. If you have all the information required by the embassy, it is no problem for charities, "said an employee of an international charitable organization from Mogilev" Helping Hands. "

Similar responses were obtained in other charitable organizations Mogilev, who are trafficked children for recuperation.


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