Mogilev: The visual area could collapse with people

In Mogilev on the visual area on the street Botkin there was a huge crack. Every day on this site are hundreds of people. Next to it — the central city hospital and a maternity hospital. From the playground to the St. Nicholas Church and houses of Mogilev region "Padmikolle" are iron assembly.

Why the crack is unknown. Here and there she had overgrown grass. One of the bystanders said that over the long crack is watching and it is increasing. People, he says, in his remarks that the crack threatens their lives, not pay attention.

Now, the crack width of about ten centimeters in length — about four meters. Depth is difficult to determine, since slipped deeper into the meter stick without much effort.

In the urban road bridge enterprise do not know about the crack. There have promised to understand and eliminate the danger to humans.


Mogilev, incident

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