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For years, astronomers around the world watched the moon obscure activity. Long before her set foot on the surface of an American astronaut, here seen something unexplainable. "The catalog of lunar anomalies, published in 1968 HASA is mentioned more than 579 more puzzling observations made during four centuries and have not received any explanation until now.

Mention observed 36 November 1956 a large Maltese cross, points, triangles, squares glowing, the disappearance of craters, the emergence of "walls" moving luminous objects, the light rays that cross the craters and mountains, geometric shapes, bright flashes of light, bright glowing objects, colored trench , lengthening at 6 km / h. "(B.A.Shurinov, The paradox of the XX century. Moscow, 1990).

Hedavno surfaced amazing document. This is a report about the still unexplained incidents involving attempts to study and development of the Moon. Here is a brief excerpt from more than 70 pages of text.

The astronauts who flew to the moon in the framework of the "Apollo" is often accompanied by a UFO (unidentified flying objects). Official NASA photo (AS13-497319) obtained during the flight of Apollo 13, very clearly captured a large UFO hovering over an astronaut walking on the moon.

The government policy of secrecy surrounding the UFO perfectly described and documented in several books of famous astronomers, such as Allen Hynek (U.S. Air Force consultant on the issue of UFOs), Major Donald Keyhoa, Timothy Good (his book "More than" Top Secret "), and many other professional researchers. One of the undisputed experts, we can trust — Christopher Kraft, former director of NASA. He sent us the following entry (after left his post at NASA made in Houston during the lunar mission of Apollo 11:

Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is transmitted from the moon: "This is a giant contraption. No, no, no … It's not an optical illusion. There can be no doubt! "

Flight Control (Center at Houston): "What … what … what? What the hell are you going there? What happened? "

Astronauts: "They — here under the surface."

Flight Control: "What — is there? … (Link is broken) Control Center is Apollo 11."

Astronauts: "We have seen a few guests. They have been there for a while, checked the equipment. "

Flight control: "Repeat your last message."

Astronauts, "I say here other spacecraft. They cost a flat line on the other side of the crater. "

Flight control: "Repeat … repeat!"

Astronauts: "Let us explore this area … In 635 to 5 … automatic relay connected … My hands are shaking so badly that I can not do anything. Remove it? My God, if these damned cameras will remove anything … what then? "

Flight Control, "Can you do anything to remove?"

Astronauts: "I no longer have the film at hand. Three shots from the "plates", or whatever that thing is called, spoiled the film. "

Flight Control: "Restore the control! They are in front of you? Heard any noise from the UFO? "

Astronauts: "They landed here! They're here and they're watching us! "

Flight Control: "The Mirror, mirror … can you handle them?"

Astronauts: "Yes, they are in the right place. Ho those who built these ships can come tomorrow and remove them. Once and for all. "

It is logical that if a government agency found the secret UFO base, they have to keep it a secret from the public, and to develop a "cover story" to hide the truth. However, the problem was that the witnesses spoke to our department regarding extraterrestrial affairs.

Among the experts tell us about life on the moon and discoveries astronauts were Farida Iskiovet, a former adviser under President UNO UFO, mysterious mr Inglish, who made a top secret photo for NASA astronauts and lunar, the former commander of the Naval Intelligence Marc Haber, who knew a lot the number of top-secret data, Sergeant Willard Bath, who served in naval intelligence, Major Wayne Ehou, who as an employee of military intelligence provided to the Congress UFO research materials, Dr. James Hyurrah of the NASA space program, and other employees with a security clearance. I personally talked to all of the above researchers.

The strong interest in life on the Moon grabbed public attention after radio reports about experiments Marconi Tesla, who was trying to convey signals to the moon and get an answer that was indeed the case. After that, the American, British and French astronomers reported outbreaks of light, twinkling lights, and even moving on the surface of the moon.

During the 30's and 30's, there are numerous reports of this kind of phenomena in a variety of newspapers and magazines, which are still to be found in libraries. This interest has reached its climax when a prominent expert aerial phenomena types Palittser Prize, winning astronomer John O'Hilla, said publicly about the discovery on the moon "bridge" artificial origin. There were other witnesses who saw a "bridge" to 13 miles in length, which did not exist in this place and who later disappeared for unknown reasons (it was too obvious?). The incident occurred in the early 1950s.

Many Dzhemeni and Apollo astronauts were told that they had seen a UFO during their flights. So, astronaut Gordon Cooper has publicly acknowledged that he had observed controlled aircraft of extraterrestrial origin (we saw pictures of him UFO). James McDivitt also took photos of a UFO while flying around the Earth, we have seen.

The Soviet space program in the 1960s, designed to set a new record time in orbit, was strangely interrupted after the ship took up a position in orbit. Private investigators with a powerful radio equipment claimed the Soviet cosmonauts into orbit accompanied by UFOs, which surrounded them and began throwing them in different directions, like a ball. Astronauts vpashim in panic, was ordered to immediately return back to Earth.

During the 50's a large number of UFOs seen on Earth, returning to the moon. Their trajectories were tracked secret government surveillance complexes located in the deserts of Arizona and Hevada, as well as in underground bases located inside the mountains. We have a picture of the vessel in the form of plates, flying over the surface of the moon, made civil astronomer.

Sergeant Willard Bath, investigating UFO landing in Oahu (Oahu) while serving in military intelligence, showing us 8 or 10 clear glossy pictures silvery spaceship hovering over the lunar surface. Its size is estimated to be several miles and points to the fact that this mother ship (base vehicle) designed to transport thousands of people between solar systems or galaxies over long periods of time, in full samoobechpecheniya (offline)!

In the 1950s and 60s. civilian astronomers reiterated the strange move on the moon, light anomalies, constant light sources, usually located inside the crater, along with the mysterious cross-shaped flashes.

Soviet and American spacecraft (located in the orbit of the Moon) began to photograph mysterious structures on the moon, discovered by NASA. Hashlis scientists, such as Fred Stekling, demanded an explanation from the so-called "civil agencies." It's amazing how NASA released these photos could not comment! Many structures can be seen only at higher magnification.

The U.S. space ship "Ranger 3" sent 300 photographs of Moon craters with domes inside. These domes were not new. They have been reported in the media by French astronomers about 48 years ago. 33 photos of the dome on the moon, sent a satellite "Lunar Orbitter-3" were released without comment in Washington in 1967.

July 1, 1966 by NASA in the media has officially recognized that the astronauts saw UFOs, however, later denied this information (for those who collect the official reports on UFOs will not be difficult to find a large number of contradictory statements to prove the concealment of the truth). All this did not stop Astronaut Gordon Cooper from a public statement: "I believe in aliens, because of their own eyes I saw a spaceship" (during the flight Gemini-16).

In our file cabinet «Blair cuspids» have photographs taken from lunar satellites, which are seen strange spiers that form a regular geometric shape. Tall white steeple, like the Washington Monument, was photographed on the lunar surface, along with the mysterious straight paths or tracks that were not turning over the craters, hills, valleys and piles of stones. Hekotorye of the domes had flashing lights.

Heskolko NASA photographs that we were able to see, showed a long cigar-shaped object lying on the surface of the Moon, which later was absent in the other photos. We saw a picture of the pyramid on the dark side (back side). The dark side is always hidden from our eyes and telescopes and, obviously, is a perfect place for the construction of a secret alien spaceport.

Hehvatka atmosphere is not a problem when we are reminded of the domes with artificial environment. Even NASA admits that scientists have a low-cost technology for the construction of underground bases with artificial air, like those who build for themselves the military.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell in a confidential conversation, said a representative of our Department Farida Iskiovet to have seen UFOs on the Moon. In 1978 a mysterious man in a chunky appearance of a typical agent, appeared in Maui, calling himself Mr. Inglish. His full name I can not name. He had a higher tolerance level of secrecy agency NASA.

He informed me that he was a staff photographer for the Apollo program, photographed the wreckage crashed disk in a hangar at the secret Air Force base in Texas, saw a UFO while flying astronauts. He gave us a lot of data on UFOs and admitted that astronauts really saw on the moon spaceship.

In addition, it confirmed the fact that UFOs are using the moon for their own purposes. NASA Administrator Kraft added that there was an official (available to all students), and the secret frequency for communication between the participating astronauts to the Moon and Mission Control Center, and the conversation given above took place during those two minutes when a mysteriously interrupted Public broadcasting under the official rate …

Source: Inomir.Ru

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