Moss species unknown to science, scientists have found in the Katun Reserve

The scientists studied samples of mosses collected during last year's expedition in the Katun Reserve and found species unknown to science, told RIA Novosti Deputy Director for Science Reserve Tatiana Yashin.

In the late summer — early autumn of last year in the Katun Reserve in the Altai Mountains was a joint expedition of scientists from the reserve and the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute, dedicated to the study of mosses around Multinskoye lakes. During the expedition, scientists have collected about 300 samples of liverworts.

"Now surely determined 43 species, all of them are new to the Katun Reserve …. revealed a new species for Russia Cephaloziella dentifolia, previously known only in the Western Himalayas. Also discovered and described species unknown in Russia, which is new to science. Specimens of this species from selected material for the study of DNA and the subsequent transfer of data in gene bank "- said Yashin.

She added that it is also found in the reserve for a new type of Altai Lophozia lantratoviae, recently described in Yakutia and subsequently found in Kamchatka, Primorye, Buryatia (Baikal nature reserve), the Caucasus (Teberda reserve), and this year also in Transbaikalia ( Sokhondinsky reserve).

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