Mountain in California attracts psychics and tourists from around the world

January 9, 2012 11:05

"Details" continuing series about the most mysterious places on the planet. Today's story about the American mysterious Mount Shasta. It is located in California and as a magnet attracts scientists, tourists and those who are interested the paranormal. Ufologists say that UFOs are often fixed, historians believe: the interior mountains hiding evidence Lemurian civilization. Many Americans come here to recharge your batteries. Ascent of Shasta and our sobkorr made in the United States, Dmitry Anopchenko.

Shasta — the extinct volcano. Snow peak with the sun shining glaciers and mountain rivers. The Indians who lived here at one time, it was considered a sacred place, and only shamans but tribal leaders were allowed to climb.

Today, here are drawn from the whole people of California. Ancient knowledge is lost, but there was a belief that if a little bit in January to stand at the top — a charge strength and health for a year.

This summer, California "path to enlightenment" simple and easy. Winter road to Shasta closed littered snowdrifts and fallen old trees.

The rise of a few hours. There are no tour groups — the winding road stretching up every silence is himself. Hoping to get in touch with a secret.

Near the mountain is a small town of Mount Shasta, where all the crazy rituals and legends of Shasta. Each pub will tell you stories about flying saucers, people of great height, which are found in the mountains. In local shops — will sell amulets for all occasions. But very few people actually know what the secret of this place.

Mrs. Vellborn — the best in these parts psychic. Sarah says, helps patients get rid of diseases and trauma, to understand their purpose in life. But most of the work does not even she, and energy of the mountain.

Sarah Vellborn, psychic:

— This mountain — crystal pyramid, just as the Egyptian. In these waters — a unique combination of minerals and trace elements. The energy at the foot healing. That's the secret: there is so much nature cleans the body and power of the person that people wake up amazing abilities.

Understanding that, at the foot of settled by representatives of different sects and religions. Their services are always full of people. But only a few can meet live at the base of Shasta American healers — these people take not all.

To show the power of this place, a session with me conducting Mr. Lawrence — one of the best healers in the United States. Man such a level that any "battle psychics" would win, playfully. Serious business, all his life he was successfully engaged in the real estate, reveled in night clubs. But once felt — to sell its assets and go to Shasta. Only if first opened its abilities.

Lawrence Katz, a healer:

— The most difficult path, which people sometimes over a lifetime does not have time to go — this is the way of the mind to the heart. We live stereotypes, make decisions, not listening intuition. And one has only to listen to Sergio, and everything changes. And only then begins the real life.

Throwing a business, all, to the last penny, savings Lawrence spent to purchase unique crystals. Stones filled not only the house, but the area around — a healer working with their energy, making miracles. In this case, and he does not know what this unusual in the local area. Just anyone who comes here and ready for change, and returns with Shasta's a little different. And vow again next January to decide the difficult conquest of snowy peaks.

California Dmitry Anopchenko, Alexander Danilov,
"Details", the U.S. Bureau of the TV channel "Inter".

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