Musician and healer John Richardson: Do not tell me that you die …

April 7, 2012 8:09

Drummer British pop group "Rubetts", sold more than twenty million albums, John Richardson spoke of the best scenes of Europe and not just sitting in a pub with the musicians of "The Beatles."

Today he travels the world, telling people about what the true meaning of life. Author's seminar "Never say that you die …" Richardson held in Kazan, using music to his audience to answer the question of the true values in life.

In my seminars, Richardson uses music, hypnotherapy, regression to immerse people in their past lives, and convinced that to be happy is easy. Why are the stars of show business became a healer of souls? This was our conversation with John Richardson.

Syndrome pink dream

— John, your way to success you started with music, becoming the band's drummer, "Rubetts." No known young people suddenly become stars of the British stage 70. And you, young man from a poor family, hit the money and fame. Why did you decide to radically change their fate? After all, today a career in show business in the world dream of thousands of young people …
— When it's adolescence, many young people want to get away from their parents and begin an independent life. In this age of music — one way to get the freedom and financial independence. Entertainment industry is built so that young people think they can very quickly get the money and fame. But showbiz — masterfully designed mechanism, which drew a crowd of young people working on themselves. There is one problem — this music very much reduced level of consciousness of the young man, though he is one hundred percent fit. Besides, teens have no idea how valuable sexual energy. Everyone wants as soon as possible to get a girlfriend or a friend and start experimenting rapidly in this direction. While young men crave sex, and girls — love. Naturally, the victims in this situation are most often the girls. The industry of show business is based on the sexual energy of young people. When you, for example, listen to CDs, the music does not stimulate the brain, and the lower energy. After the success on the stage, my family adores me, considered a hero. But when the concert fans threw at us, I felt that I turn into an animal. "Sex! Alcohol! Rock 'n' Roll "- sounds cool for young people. All the young want. But after a year of active touring, I realized that powerfully degrade.

— In his book "Do not tell me die", you write: "I always thought that as soon be famous, immediately implement the" pink dream house syndrome. " Obtaining everything one can dream and wish, I thought that at last alive normal life. Couple kids, a couple of cars, a house on a hill — and it will be like a fairy tale. After a couple of years, all this came even added a swimming pool and tennis court. And what do you think? Happiness was not found. Inside, there was something wrong. There prevailed a void that nothing could fill: no money, no speech, nor the thousands of fans. Then I decided to quit show business and become a healer. "
— For bright pictures show business lies enormous suffering. It is the same as in sex for teens. "Oh, sex! This is so cool! Let's quickly deal with that! "And then she calls," Honey, I'm pregnant. " He was horrified: "And who is their father?" — "It is you." He yells, "What do you want from me?" She was confused, "What do we do now?" He is hysterical: "Get rid of him! I do not want it! "She was crying," But you said that you love me … "It starts fine, but ends very tragically. Man runs for happiness and misery gets. I wanted to find out why.

Journey into the past life

— In his lectures you say that human life is the result of his actions in a previous life …
— Yes, it is. We create our own destiny. If someone was wrong to do, it will pay for it in all respects. Not in this life, so in the next mandatory. To me, that's great — to know that there is justice and the soul does not die. She travels from one body to another. You are given the opportunity to be a man, a woman. Then play one role or the other. For example, if you are someone insulted, harassed, killed, you may in future lives to be in place of the victims and feel their pain on their skin.

— You have nothing to immerse people in their past lives?
— And do not see anything special. Since childhood, I was overcome issues. Who am I really? What should I do? How to help people get rid of the pain? Child, I saw how much people are suffering. And wanted to find tools that save people from suffering. I think that any person under the force journey into past lives. By itself, this technique is not such a great gift. But here's how to help solve this traveler is tormented his problem? It already requires specific knowledge. I am blessed with abilities in this direction.

— And why bother to have to travel in past lives?
— Steeped in a past life, a person gets information first hand. Most people have no idea where he got the problem of "shoe pinches." For example, you are afraid of the water in panic. During the session, make discovery in a past life you were drowned under such circumstances. Travel back in time, the so-called regression, frees the mind from all sorts of fears and phobias. This way you can solve the problem of disturbing you.

Talent — a gift from God

— How are talented people? Such as Mozart, the musicians of "The Beatles" …
— Typically, in previous lives, people working hard in this direction. Just so in our eyes he achieves outstanding results. Such people can rise high in a very short time. But if the owner of talent leads to degradation in subsequent incarnations, he loses it.

— In your book you describe is that of your patient was a 16-year old American, who lost in a past life, I saw myself … Mozart
— She was subjected to numerous checks, not only I, but my listeners. She answered the questions that have known only the Mozart. For example, the students took a random any letter of Mozart, and a date for a girl asked to retell the text. It is reproduced in the session regression it without hesitation! However, having a wonderful musical talent, she does not want to succeed in music. Why? It's already been some time in the history of her soul.

— A wonderful story to Mozart makes us think that God is not so important, what did the geniuses and talents in life?
— Our abilities — are gifts from God, who is so pleased with the victims of a particular person, that gives him a talent. Genius is perfected when it is dedicated to anyone who is its source. The problem is that a talented person believes talent — only to his credit.

Who am I and why?

— You have dedicated themselves to spiritual life. What is your goal today?
— I want people to really understand its nature. I do not expect them to believe in all that, what I believe. But I would like to experience on your experience, what is the truth of life. Are sure that we do not die. I want to make it clear to people that they are unique, unusual, and everything belongs to God. For me, God — is Krishna. For some, Allah, Buddha, Jesus Christ. For me they are the embodiment of the same person, manifesting itself in different times in different ways. When you fly in an airplane and look at the earth from above, it often comes to a head one thought: people are engaged in such nonsense! Instead of finding answers to the questions: Who am I? why am here? Where to send? If I touched someone's heart with their performances, then got what he wanted.

— Most people will tell you: they do not have time for yoga, meditation, vegetarianism. You think these form an integral part of the spiritual life. What is your daily routine?
— I'm a little rowdy boy. I overstay late. But still I try to go to bed before ten o'clock. I get up around five in the morning. The best time for meditation — before sunrise. Accept the morning shower to cleanse both body and mind. I drink a little water to make the body. I sit down and pray for two hours. Eat breakfast with fruit, legumes. What is good for the body, which at the time free from toxins. Then go about his business.

— The more protein you replace, if not eat meat? And why is it bad for tea and coffee?
— I am a vegetarian for over 35 years. Today, I am 65, but I did not give in to the power peers-meat eaters. Protein find in many dairy products. Tea and coffee contain caffeine stimulant substance. When you drink them, the adrenal glands produce more adrenaline, which is why you are excited. But this does not last long. Tea, coffee, alcohol, drain, exhausting the body. For a short time, the person receives energy, and then everything goes back to normal. There is a great alternative — herbal teas, drinks, and juices. How to get the energy? Do not take stimulants, intoxicants. And arrange a proper diet and healthy sleep.

What is happiness

— Are you happy in family life?
— I live in a marriage for more than forty years. We are not a perfect match. Wife catches my ego, I — it. In our family, there are ups and downs. Often, I think it would be good to go somewhere. But I understand, it is also an illusion. So my thoughts are not appeased. His wife and daughter are actively helping me. Son chose a different path. But he's a good guy, besides vegetarian, does not drink alcohol, do not gamble.

— What is happiness to you?
— When I see that others are happy, I am also happy.

— How to face a severe situation?
— I lost a loved one, who was very dear to me — my father. He was not an easy person. In truth, it was a cause of the problems and poverty of the family. But I loved him, and how could take care of him. After the cremation of the body, I took the ashes to India to the sacred waters of the Ganges. It met with a very wise and spiritually exalted man, who spent eight Vedic ritual for the good of his soul. After a while my father came to me and said that he was in hell because of bad attitude to their loved ones. He asked for forgiveness and thanked us for being an ancient ritual to help him find a good position.

Who will go to the spirit world?
— What impressed you made Kazan?
— I'm very impressed by you. The people who lived in the Soviet Union suffered enough, but they have a soft heart. They are very responsive. Most people living in the West, spoil material prosperity. Are you living in the East, you know what a sacrifice. No sacrifice in this life can not be attained success in the next life.

— And what is the sacrifice?
— No need to sacrifice what you bring is very difficult. I offer as a sacrifice to realize that you are not a Russian, not a Tatar, a Frenchman and a German — you eternal soul, located to the time in the gross body. If properly using the benefits that you have now, you will achieve perfection in this life and restore their spiritual position — to be close to God. Use your mind to achieve that goal. And not to be rich, famous, and so on. Inevitably comes the moment of death, when you have to give up his chic home, family, all that which you so cherish today.

— If the land reigns cycle of birth and death, which should seek to promote the soul?
— We must help her to return to eternal life, to find the spiritual reincarnation.

— What is the last earthly incarnation person who has reached the peak of spiritual perfection?
— As you wish. Looks do not matter. This can be a monster, or even a fool. The main thing is that these people great faith. They practice four principles: do not eat meat, do not engage in illicit sex, no gambling and do not participate in monetary machinations, do not use stimulants and intoxicants. Only with this awareness can go to the spiritual world.

— You continue to produce drives with their own songs?
— I have a love affair with music. I can sit with her "embracing" day and night. But the music that I write today, to inspire people to create a powerful atmosphere. My mission — to help people realize that there is something more than earthly life. Life that they did not even dream of …

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