Mysterious celestial guest stars to masquerade

Meteorites are known, are formed mainly in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the solar system. Heavenly bodies. Arrived from the far corners of the galaxy is extremely rare and mysterious.

Only a small number of travelers die before falling to the earth's surface without burning up in the atmosphere. Since ancient times, these fragments were other people's worlds for people terrible source of legends and seen as a sign of heaven. Many stories are legendary — they were published in book form for the famous auction of meteorites, which runs in Manhattan and the curious crowd gathers.

Evening, October 15, 1972, the residents of the farm in Trujillo, Venezuela, heard a terrible roar, but they feared to go out, afraid of the unknown. The next morning, they found a dead cow, which killed nowhere grafted a piece of rock. Scientists from New York determined that it was a giant meteorite, which was named Valera.

Almost 20 years ago, on 9 October 1992, the video camera mounted at a football match in Florida, took the fall of a meteorite in the glow of the fire, which landed on a car in the parking lot. Used car then sold his master for a price. At five times the price. Than bought — it traces of extraterrestrial origin.

In the past, in 1492, the heavenly stone to death frightened residents Anzishaym medieval village in Alsace, falling from the skies in a terrible roar and flames — the townspeople decided that it came down to whether an angel, or the devil. They took the stone in the local church and worship him for another 300 years. Stone became the oldest preserved meteorite, which have reached us.

Nigerian residents of Mbale August 14, 1992 were frightened by terrible howl, which came down from heaven, and intimidating smoky tail. From the sky went stone rain, and those who dared to look at the impact site monster saw miraculously plowed field of about 3 miles wide by 7 miles long. One fragment even wounded boy, ricocheted off the tree. Africans decided that God had sent them so the cure of AIDS, which has hit the region, many of the stones was ground into powder and eaten them, or smeared as an ointment by mixing with the oil.

Pieces of these stones will be sold at auction in New York on Sunday, October 14, together with the famous iron mask alien.

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