Mysterious mountain photo is nowhere to be found

September 29, 2012 21:07

Mount Karasov mentioned in almost all references places in the world where there are paranormal. Arkhangelsk Region, northern Russia, and almost imperceptible to the eye illusion of antiquity. Outskirts lost in the woods of the Arkhangelsk region Nyandoma town. Karasov high stone mountain, at the foot of which lies a clear blue lake. All the hills around are covered with modest northern vegetation, and this — rising frightening naked hill.Photographs taken from the top, visible geometric nature of the embankment.

And, even with the naked eye, you can catch the moment when the mountain Karasov moving, as if alive. And every year the mountain just melts in his eyes, as of its soil, not by obvious reasons, takes the form of sand that crumbles carried by wind. 

Not only the mountain is dangerous and cute blue Karasov Lake — the lake with a double bottom, which insidiously fails and sucks the unwary bather.

Proper explanation from a scientific point of view does not exist, and between local people is a legend that the mountain is on the shoulders of an evil mythical creature, the old enemy of the area. Gore begins to stir when a mythical creature trying to escape from — the ground, which would entail something terrible.

Says a resident Nyandoma: — As a child, my mother forbade us to run to Karasov grief, saying that the place was dark, rotten, but really did not explain anything. We ran there in secret, but, remember, do not stay long — we'll see, and running back, as if standing guard there who — that terrible.

Meanwhile, the northern tales veteran told us the following story:
(Excerpt from the book "Gods and People" (2012) publishing "Northern Tales")

— Perun … and hit a spear and pinned Skiper snake to the ground. He writhes, escapes, and he cut the Perun poisonous claws sword-Kladentsi. Arrived, all brothers, and bound Svarozhich Black Skiper-beast Blessed iron. Time, he has lost his power, witchcraft, but anger and hatred for all black with bright currently holds. And drove the brothers hated enemy in front of him, and even more quickly in front of them ran a rumor that captivated the torturer and the enemy of man. Servants Skiper-beast fled to escape the wrath of the human race. And the land, freed from black magic, began to blossom and bear fruit.

Brothers have chosen the right place, dug a hole depth of 90 fathoms, but 30 feet wide. Amassed an oak coffin, sheathed his iron hoops, pushed back Kara Skipera and imposed Velez, a wise God, curse, "to sleep in a coffin dead sleep Kara Skiper-beast, but every three hundred and three years woke up, recalled how He wanted to destroy a small child, as Perun, freed brothers did what Makos inscribed. And he knew it would be fought in impotent rage, unable to break the chain and split oak coffin. "
After the pit closed oak boards, cemented by iron hoops, the top has left a stone, and they paid a spell wise Velez.

A Stribog, the god of wind, called his sons and they are violent winds, from all four sides of Reveal, collected all the sand: and coarse yellow with rivers, gray, with a small lake shores and with any more different places. Poured the sand on the hole where Kara was placed Skiper-beast, and formed a mountain. Again Velez put a spell on the mountain: "This mountain, named Karaskiperova mountain, every grain of sand to watch his ferocious enemy of ours, so he could not escape from the infamous prison. And to remind the mountain people that if they allow evil to live in their heads, then Skiper-beast can break the shackles and released. And this mountain must be protected and inviolable, that evil, exudes an animal, not leak out in people's heads. "

So marked that the Makos, the goddess of fate foretold. And it's worth, this mountain is the Millennium, the name it somehow poisterlas, shortened, and now simply called mountain mountain Karasov. People have forgotten why she came here, and what is actually her name. But a long time — not a reason to forget. Because people notice that from time to time Karasov mountain moves, moves like a giant unknown keeps her and rocked slightly on his Herculean shoulders. Speak and write in journals, that these movements — stern warning earth strata that "have to be something bad …" And in this they are right.

Illustration to the book "Gods and men."  Fight Perun with Kara skiper serpent.

Accumulates in the cemetery evil Skiper-beast, and when he wakes up and tends to break, the mountain shakes and moves while holding the animal, but the evil seeps through even the charmed sand. And then something bad always happens … yes

These are the northern tales can be found in the book "Gods and men." These are the stories piling up on our old North.

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