Mysterious sounds in the sky

May 16, 2012 19:31

Recently the media are more likely to report that in different parts of the world from the sky was a strange sound. Just a few weeks ago in Germany and Canada, people heard a growl and buzz, drifting down from above. At the same moment, a kind of echo on the streets included car alarm …

Angel blew his trumpet?

In Germany, the witnesses have made even a small video: low clouds shrouded the sky, and the sounds that accompany the visuals are reminiscent of a very loud hum of the wind in the pipe. Even watching the video, you have a nasty feeling: you start to realize how helpless people to the forces of nature. And a thought: What if this is the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and is about "the mystery of God," end of the world …
Explanation for this phenomenon yet, but there are attempts to explain it. One of the most, in our view, successful versions — Fireball. Its essence and we shall give now for our readers.
It's about the so-called sounding car.

The red-hot "drop"

Let's start with the fact that the mysterious sounds — it is reality. There are many documented observations of the planet. Even named a specific number of observations from the I century AD — 260. Sounds produced fireballs, are varied — this bird's wings flapping and screeching and crackling and hissing, and even the murmur of the sky … But usually begins his "singing" in a time when there appears rushing at tremendous speed luminous ball.

For example, on a winter night in 1706 over Tobolsk flying car.
His flight was accompanied by a loud shriek, as if in contact came two pieces of iron. In February 1894 over the Tsar's village with a bang fireball streaked. And over Ukraine August 23, 1900 came the faint hiss, after which observers saw that the sky at great speed intersect the "star." In the summer of 1908 residents of Taiga in the Kemerovo region, heard it growing, the growing murmur. At that moment it was observed in the north celestial body that looked like a red-hot metal drop, reserves the light trail, similar to what is left of jets.
Eyewitnesses observed and black balls with a red tail, shrouded in black smoke, which was accompanied by such a flight howl like a raging blizzard in the sky.
Sometimes the sound occurs long before the car, in other words — before the celestial body enters the atmosphere and begins to interact with it. To explain this effect modern science can not.
In 1980, on a winter morning, on one of the villages in the Altai region there was such a noise, what happens in the forest in a strong wind — it reminded repeatedly reinforced the rustle of leaves. And only a few seconds in the north will have a red ball with a tail, which traced the sky to the east, and disappeared over the horizon.
Two years later a similar car was observed in the Donetsk region. In this case, according to witnesses, heard "a stone on stone."
Often shortly before the mysterious sounds can observe a change in the behavior of animals: dogs are taken to howl, cats hide in the house, the chickens are beginning to be worn around the yard, the horse fell, as if they break under the front legs …

Truth Is Out There

Sounding race cars can appear in all areas at all times.
However, sometimes mysterious sounds heard in the areas located outside the projection of car on the earth's surface. Then observers think that the sound originated by itself and comes from the surrounding objects — houses, trees, cars … Perhaps it is faced with the phenomenon of the witnesses of recent events in Canada and Germany?
By the way, those who had to watch the aurora, argue that these also may be accompanied by a sound like the ones that emit fireballs. However, the nature of auroras sound, as well as the nature of the "voices" of cars, have not been studied.
What are we dealing with? Maybe race cars here at all to do with it? What sign is trying to give us earth-mother? That the sounds are generated in itself, or in the surrounding atmosphere? These questions are currently unanswered. Recently, however, there is another hypothesis.
Perhaps the mysterious sounds accompany the process of opening all over the planet so called stargate — portals between worlds. Like it or not? Perhaps the truth is somewhere near …

Elena Landa

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