Mystery of asphalt — mummy

September 24, 2012 20:28



Ancient alchemists believed mummy, or Illyrian resin, the main component of "elixir of immortality." There is a biography of this amazing substance and gloomier page — it was the primary cause of looting the Egyptian pyramids, he tried to synthesize, vyvarivaya corpses of criminals. Mystery of the mummy has not yet been solved.

On the roads of medieval Europe was moving column of horsemen escorted luxury coach. Changing to make the horse, the squad took the time to Paris. But hearing about this process spreads even faster. Armed gangs of robbers tried to fight off three precious treasure, which is the Persian messenger shakhinshakh Fateh Ali was carrying a gift to King Louis XIV. However, while a detachment of colored turbans lost half men, precious cargo was safely delivered to the Palace of Versailles. And on the first diplomatic reception messenger shakhinshakh handed to the French king rosewood box, and in it a small silver flask filled with a dark viscous mass.

Today, when there are a lot of good drugs, it seems strange that, because of such a simple thing as mummy, folk risked their lives, but in those days it was truly a priceless gift. And shahinshah would come in a rage, he learned how to manage his gift Louis. The court physician and chemist Louis Savary personal upset to tears when he was forbidden to print the bottle and told to lock him into the far chest. But the King of France, most of all afraid of poisoning and therefore ordered a bottle hidden away out of harm's …

The Egyptians called this mysterious substance "Illyrian pitch" and not only used for medicinal purposes, but also for embalming dead bodies. The Arabs called it "mummy" and believes it is no accident the word "mummy" and "mummy" is almost in tune. For the ancient physicians were not only equal in sound, but in meaning. Researcher Egyptian culture writer Peter Elebraht believed that it was the primary cause of the magic mummy looting Egyptian pyramids and other tombs. Rumors of a magic resin produced in the mountains of Illyria in the southwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula, steal minds, and all more or less wealthy people sought to have in your medicine chest at least a little of this healing potions. Trying to meet the growing demand, the ancient adventurers adapted extract mummy, scraping it with skulls and bones embalmed corpses. According to the doctor 'Abd al-Latif, dating from about 1200 a year, mummy, obtained from three human skulls, sold for poldirhema — a considerable price, and at present, because the dirham — silver coin weighing 297 grams.

In the XIV century to make magic potions have been used "straight from the tin," the corpses of executed criminals and dead people. Whole gang of robbers dug up graves in cemeteries, stealing freshly buried bodies, dismembered them and boiled in pots as long as the muscles are not separated from the bones. Oily liquid is discharged from the boiler to the system of special tubes and dispensed into vials, which then come true ailing and infirm for a fortune. Egyptian authorities tried to stop the trade in dead bodies, making tougher laws, but no prohibitions to stop the export mummy — profits were so high that contraband flights continued through the Mediterranean and into Europe. And it is quite possible to understand King Louis XIV, who refused to use the gift shakhinshakh: for a beautiful silver vessel could easily be "extraction of the dead slaves and criminals."

Our modern luminaries store about mummy silence. It turned out that such drugs, although it is sold at many stalls, as if does not exist in nature. At the Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants is a center of biological structures, which experts are responsible for the preservation of Lenin's body. Maybe there, studying methods of mummification of the ancient Egyptians, and check the properties of "Illyrian pitch"? But it turned out that they did not investigate mummies, and, in addition, the researchers claim that the Egyptians never used the substance in the mummification of their dead, that all this is not groundless legend. However, Russia still has a group of researchers in dope close. One of the experts, Professor Makarov, argues that magic potion — is nothing but a set of trace elements that form the basis of every living substance that is found in nature in the form of degradation products of ancient organisms and isolated from any biological object. So substance obtained after prolonged boiling of dead bodies, it can be curative.

It turns out that King Louis did nothing once refused the precious gift? Who knows … The experts of the French Academy of Sciences, recently investigated the black mass fills the silver flask, came to the conclusion that there is a common asphalt tar. Here, however, we can not exclude the version substitution. Who can guarantee that venerable doctor Savary secret from the king not replaced the contents of the bottle? Because according to the chronicles of the time the court doctor had made a considerable fortune, pritorgovyvaya "anti-aging" cream-house, a rich noblewoman who were willing to pay any money. The wife of the Savary although not listed in the beauty, but was known for that sixty years had to face any wrinkle …

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