Mystery of the Russian Grail: Healing cup on the aliens?

June 14, 2012 12:01

Cup of life, healing bowl, gift newcomers — also known as a vessel owned by a retired Igor Krasnodar Poduhevich.

What is this artifact? As he really extraterrestrial origin, as some scientists? And is it true that the water drunk from that cup, a cure for all diseases?

Igor Poduhevich with "healing bowl", inherited from his great-grandfather.

This no one in the world is not

Information about the wonderful bowl for several years roams from one to the other publications, multiplied on the Internet. Like, this cup has a healing power. And as powerful as some think: but really not this vessel from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper? Does not it Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood of the crucified Saviour, flowing down from the cross?
In short, I do not the holy grail it was found — a mythical Christian relic, the legend of the miraculous properties of a fascinating supported at the time Steven Spielberg film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"?

 From the Igor Poduhevicha — the current owner of the Cup — we've never heard of such a daring speculation. But his wife does not ignore them. "Some almost to his knees in front of him are, clutching his head and told that this was the Graaleva bowl … That's in the local newspapers have repeatedly used the phrase — say, in the Krasnodar region found the Holy Grail" — says Irina in 2010 Poduhevich correspondent major Moscow newspaper. By that time, the fame of the mysterious artifact has sunk into the capital. People are drawn to them en masse.
Often, by Igor Ivanovich and journalists. This is what he told them. Like, the cup was in 2004 from the hands of his great-grandfather — Kirill Kabanov, a nuclear physicist. Like, in the 60's of last century, he was involved in a secret expedition to the Stony Tunguska River. Been there, where in 1908 the so-called exploded Tunguska, knocking forest in an area of several thousand square kilometers. Whether in a small comet hit the Earth, or an asteroid. But according to the hypothesis of the Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev in taiga crashed alien spacecraft with a nuclear power plant. Ostensibly it was her mission to be found, which was attended by a nuclear physicist.
Before his death, his great-grandfather hinted that the cup has a direct relationship to the places and events. Specifically, how and where found, did not elaborate. However, passing the artifact, pointedly looked up and said: "This no one on earth is not it there."
Kirill Kabanov, lived 102 years. According to the grandson, only drank water from his cup.

Miraculous recovery

Cup saw many — small, 136 mm in height. Maximum diameter — 63 mm, wall thickness — 4 mm. Capacity — about 75 milliliters. Gray color rather than silver. Shimmers in the sun. On the outer surface of the visible image, resembling the pattern on the frosty glass. Some uglyadyvayut this pattern shape of the human face.
Correspondents "Komsomolskaya Pravda" was first shown Poduhevich Cup in the summer of 2009. Himself called into the office and offered Krasnodar look at "interesting little thing." Look. Acquainted with its mysterious history. Out of the mouth of Igor learned in detail about the medicinal properties of gizmos. Naturally, wrote (see "Tunguska" cured krasnodarku cup "," KP "on August 27, 2009). Wonders, you know. The pensioner said that waters the water, having been in the cup, everyone. And those drinking it, cured of various diseases. Get rid of gallstones, of hemorrhoids, heartburn, diabetes, headaches, hypertension, heavy and light injuries, gout, obesity, impotence and prostate.
"Someone, tasted the water out of the bowl is no longer sick heart, someone has to read without glasses, but only yesterday did not see beyond his nose, someone has a terrible cough as if by magic, the 60-year-old man escaped the operation, and woman who scalded with boiling water to the skin, and anointed burn some water magic — all healed, "- adds the cases astonishing healing serious weekly magazine (2012).

The same Grail.

According to Igor Ivanovich, he, perhaps, would not remember the gift-grandfather, but the personal grief caused. In January 2006, his 16-year-old daughter, Ilona got in a car accident.
— Rupture of the pancreas, abdominal bleeding, a closed fracture of the clavicle with displacement, fracture and the ischial pubic bones of the pelvis — recalled Poduhevich — diagnosis was disappointing.
After several operations, doctors predicted: at best, a girl will be on crutches. And then no sooner than six months. In short — will remain disabled for life.
— Daughter was discharged in early February, and at the end of March, we had to come for a visit, — says Igor. — And then I decided that, in this situation, all means are good. Became for several hours in a cup push water, broth, as grandfather advised, and give Ilona. And in early March, my girl went! When I came with her to the hospital, the doctors could not believe their eyes. Fused bones, internal organs were in this state, if he had not had that accident. And it was just something for two months. The doctors could not explain anything, just shrugged!

On the verge of fantasy

It would be strange if the owner is not a healing cup would attract the attention of serious scientists. Pensioner applied to several academic institutions. Got amazing results. Their Poduhevich quotes on its website. And in the "Press articles devoted Cup" gives even scans issued expert reports.
Here is a document from the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). It reads: "In all probability, this pattern has an extraterrestrial origin (another isotope ratio)."

The expert opinion of "technogenic nature 'Cup magically changed to" unearthly. " This model has the ethereal nature …

"The Cup is composed of silicon extraterrestrial" — echoes certificate issued at the Kuban State University (KSU). Told Igor correspondent "MK" to such a fantastic conclusion Kuban scientists have pushed the experimental results. Allegedly, after 20 hours of water stood in the cup, the molybdenum content in it, for some mysterious reason, increased 40-fold, copper — 25 times, zirconium — 10. A silver, on the contrary, there are fewer of 100.
Miracles … Their presence, in fact, recognizes Andreev AA, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry and Technology State University, Ph.D., signed conclusion: "… are any objective reasons for the observed changes on the basis of the available data is not possible." And then — of extraterrestrial origin.
Goes, "Tunguska Grail" — something really weird …

Mysterious transformation

Nikolai Podgorny, Director of the Central Siberian Geological Museum of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, signed expert report May 23, 2008, did not immediately understand what was going on.
— Cup — communicating we essence — silicon may have lost a stranger in the area of the Tunguska meteorite. You recognized his extraterrestrial origin. Eksperttizu conducted "using X-ray microprobe."
— Yes — finally remembers Nicholas Mikheevich — Finally gave out. But concerning the cup for the first time I hear. A few years ago I was contacted by a man: "I've found something, you can conduct a study?" I replied that I could, we did officially did. But I did not bring a cup, and a small piece of silicon. Apparently, it broke away from the Bulls (a small oblong bar.. — Ed.), Which is formed when silicon purification technology.

The expert opinion of "technogenic nature 'Cup magically changed to" unearthly. " This sample has a … technogenic nature …

Piedmont categorically denied that conclude with the words of sign of extraterrestrial origin. "Juggling some" — he was surprised to see them on paper.
Then we figured consider carefully a copy of "Siberian detention," which gave Poduhevich correspondent "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in 2009. Compared it with the one on the website of the great-grandson, and which he now makes the press. They are — different. Although the reference number and the date — the same.
Document shown "KP" in 2009, stated: "I hereby certify that the sample, which is cleaved irregular size 12h7h5 mm having steel-black color and metallic luster, its chemical composition corresponds to pure silicon … In all likelihood, this sample has technogenic nature. "
— Yes, that's what I signed up — agrees Nicholas Mikheevich — concluded with the words "a technogenic nature," and not "extraterrestrial."
— Where did the other come from?
— Now with a computer can do anything, any forgery — believed.
Undergone a similar transformation and the document issued at KSU. To the source code is also added to the passage of silicon terrestrial origin.
By the way, according to the original text of the conclusions Nome KSU, the water here is not experimenting. But should the one that brought himself Poduhevich. The waters, which changed the content of some items was 20 hours not in the Cup, and in the glass vessel. And contact with a certain product called "core".
In the same document, the corrected written: "Sample 04: 20 hours in the product" The Cup. "

Empyrean silicon, of course, excites the imagination much more than some man-made. … Consists of silicon terrestrial origin

Modest source

Not surprisingly, after the "scientific" confirmation supernatural properties cup, water from it was in high demand. According to estimates of the correspondents "Komsomolskaya Pravda", from 2010 to 2012, it purchased more than 600 people. Took away portions of at least 5 liters each.
— Money for it, I do not take, — assured Poduhevich. — The only time people in other regions of Russia asked to pass a couple of bottles or containers my some water, ask them to pay for the shipping cost — the conductor must repay.
A little experiment, we carried out, showed that he still takes money. Prices, however, are not exorbitant — 700 rubles for a five-liter bottle of healing water. It is only three times more expensive than any "Essentuki". However, the great-grandson advises stocking thoroughly. The correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which reported that as if a miracle is going to drink the water of his father in order to cure him of psoriasis, Igor "ordered" 7 — 8 five-liter bottles — at the rate of 600 grams in the morning, afternoon and evening for two months.
As a pensioner "finished" water — the big question. Lets buckets. But the same does not hold in the case for 20 hours in 75-milliliter cup. Thus to collect 5 liters will require 1332 hours — more than 55 days. Although, according to Poduhevichu and documents, it is 20 hours in a cup of water is curative.
So sorry that I had to spoil the beautiful legend of the "Tunguska grail 'ugly suspicions and possibly undermine anyone faith in miracles. Self pity …


"Healings are psychological in nature"
— I saw an excerpt from sick leave Ilona Poduhevich — outcome, of course, is great — the doctor-surgeon one of the Krasnodar hospitals. — In the two months are really hard to heal the injury, but with time and proper care, people simply must recover. Perhaps, in case the matter proper care, and perhaps even at the age of the patient — the young healing is much faster.
— I think all of these healings are psychological in nature, it is so-called placebo effect — said the doctor Krasnodar Center medprofilaktiki Alexander Goryachev. — People believe that get better, and it happens. Clean drinking water already contains all the necessary material for human life. Therefore, an artificial increase in the content of some of them require a special long-term study. Also known as the body will react in the future to these innovations. Yes, in medicine, there are instances when we can not explain the phenomenon. But they should be treated with extreme caution so as not to hurt.

A few words in justification

"Cup may have some medical and biological properties"
— At 90% the cup is made of silicon. The remaining 10 — a nickel, calcium, iron, osmium, neodymium, selenium, phosphorus, bromine, cobalt, — Valery Lepilov, Saratov scientist, Honored Worker of the electronics industry of the USSR, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, conducted research commissioned by the artifact of the owner.
— In nature, silicon with impurities like you will not find, but the smelter — plenty. That is about extraterrestrial Cup, however. Once again proves his form. The goblet is barely visible to the eye nicks that may have occurred just at the time of manufacture in the factory.
Rather, the product was first cast, then obtocheno on a lathe. Although full confidence in this.
Silicon special healing properties does not have a nickel, which is 5 percent in the bowl, and do unhealthy. But my experiments did suggest that the cup may have some medical and biological properties. I poured a cup of water and passed through its infrared rays. The longer the water is in the vessel, the lower pass through themselves, these rays. She changed the structure, turning into a kind of sieve. Similar structure has melted and magnetized water, which is widely used to treat various diseases.
By the way, Vadim Chernobrov, coordinator of the research association "Kosmopoisk", confirms that in 1959 — 1962 years in the Stony Tunguska really an expedition, looking for pieces of the spaceship — possibly radioactive. Nuclear physicist could easily participate. But whether in the great-grandfather named Poduhevicha Kabanov is unknown.
Great-grandson also actively supported the version of the alien spaceship crash. And in May 2008 to set out its "Kosmopoisk," referring to his cup.

Vladimir Lagowski
Diana Korostylyova and Olga Sukhova ("KP" — Krasnodar "), Victoria Dudin (" KP "- Saratov"), Alexander AGAFONOV ("KP" — Novosibirsk ")

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