Myths and legends about water from different countries

In different countries, the Water is called differently. Ezirnim called the spirit of the Water Slavs in the west, which translated means "the spirit of the lake." He had his subjects — and svitezhanki goplyany.

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Like our mermaids, they lured unsuspecting young men of his good looks and tightened them down, so they joined the retinue Ezernima. Spirit Lake was not married, but he had a favorite — the patroness of mountain streams. They descend from above the waters of lakes, nourishing them.

The role of the Water in ancient Chinese mythology played a Gungun. Outwardly, he was a snake with a human face and red hair. Chinese considered it a very warlike. In our time, there is still a legend about how the water spirit Gungun joined battle with the fiery spirit Chzhuzhun, with the result that there was a great flood.

The Japanese revered their patron element — Kappa. His appearance was very specific.
The creature was a cross between a frog and a turtle instead of a nose he had a beak, and a head adorned with short hair, on which stood a saucer of water. There was a belief that if the Kappa bow, he would do the same thing, but then the water will pour out of the saucer and he will die.

In Scottish mythology can be found mention of the kelpie — hostile to the spirit of the people, which in the form of a horse grazing near the water, and by substituting the person back, could not drag him into the water. In addition, the kelpie could sometimes turn into a man with disheveled hair, and as such it is at night frightened passers-by jumping on their shoulders.

The ancient Mongols believed that every lake, river and even the well Lusut lives — an invisible spirit that controls the water source. Similar spirits existed in the traditional beliefs of Khakassia — they were called Sug-eezi. According to Khakassia, the spirits could carry off the water disrespectful to them man.

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