Naikrupneyshy warship of China: helicopter landing ship dock, the project 071

The largest warship in China: helicopter landing ship dock, the project 071

Information on the Chinese defense industry usually are not rich, and there is almost always only from official sources. What is the recent history of a Chinese fighter fifth-generation J-20 when the aviation community around the world tried to "take out" more disk imaging of a pair of fuzzy photos of the aircraft.

The situation is similar with the Chinese navy. In 2007, when the system has entered into a new landing ship Project 071 "Kunlunshan» (kunlun Shan), received the hull number 998, fans of the fleet on the web launched a heated debate about the features, design, weapons, and other characteristics of the new ship. The dispute was before the excesses of the ordinary and familiar to the Chinese PLA: the official press release on the adoption of "Kunlunshanya" adopted indicated no details were not, and photographic materials to the release, as usual, was made not much. So began an ordinary divination photo with trying to learn the equipment, armament, design features, etc.

The largest warship in China: helicopter landing ship dock, the project 071

The particles was found that the first ship of Project 071 was founded in 2006 at the Shanghai shipyard Hudun-Zhonghua (Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard). In December of the same year, "Kunlunshan" was launched in the fall of 2007, referred to the tests. In appendage to the accelerated pace of building the Chinese had more frisky tests — the new landing ship joined the fleet of the South in December 2007.
It also became clear that the 071 ships of the project are the largest representatives of the Chinese fleet, built not abroad, but in most China.

And, of course, immediately became clear title ship: Kunlun — mountain system in China. As it turned out, 071 ships of the project, it was decided to name the mountains by name.

In November 2010, was launched on the 2nd ship Series — "Jinggangshan» (Jinggangshan, tail number 999). In June this year, the second "Highlander" was sent for tests. For service, according to rumors, it will go to the end of this year or the first of the next.

Third landing ship project 071 was launched this summer and is currently being completed at the quay wall. In the web almost immediately after the descent began to walk photo of this "commando". But the disk imaging his name yet — just rumors and speculation. But the official announcement of the launch of the third ship of the project 071 has launched a new round of propagation of an old — even of 2007 — the figure with "Kunlunshanem" in the section, which shows the estimated build the ship. Official data about the assembly, of course, there is not expected.

But it was announced that the current plans of the Navy of China comes to the construction of six amphibious ships 071-year project.

And yet, despite the lack of formal disk imaging, super-intelligence Internet forums and brainstorming professionals have produced results. From the photographs of ships, which appeared majestic huge amount were determined approximate properties of the "commandos" Project 071. In addition to the Web "leaked" insider information on ships.

The largest warship in China: helicopter landing ship dock, the project 071

Summary information from all sources — documents, assessments and "identifications from photo" looks like this:
Displacement 18000-20500 tons, although at first it was the view that this parameter varies in the range of 12000-18000 tons.
Length of about 210 meters, width — 28. Draft — 7 pm
The highest speed of 20-25 knots, cruising range (in economy mode) — up to 6000 miles.
Powerplant-shaft, with 4 diesel engines SEMT Pielstick 16 PC2.6 V400 total capacity of 47,200 hp (35,200 kW).
By arming clear now follow:
One gun mount AK-176 76 mm caliber Russian production. Allows you to storm the purpose of different types at a range of up to 12-15 km (depending on the height of the target).
Four 30-mm anti-aircraft automatic guns AK-630 and Russian production. Allows you to hit air targets at ranges of up to 4 km (inclined range) And storm the lungs and poorly protected surface targets at ranges of up to 5 km.
Up to 5 mnogokalibernyh guns.
Four rocket launchers type 726-4 (18 stems each) for the shooting of electronic warfare units — chaff. Also has a point-blank fire high-explosive shells.
There is information about the likely future in equipping ships of project 071 anti-aircraft missile system HQ-7, why, according to several sources, is already "reserved" space for their installation.
The crew — 120 people. Marines — 800-900 fighter.
The ship is capable of carrying 15-20 armored vehicles.
For increased mobility of troops and the ability to operate in shallow water on the ship are four hoverborne assault landing ship (landing craft air cushion), and two "classic" boats.
In addition, the ship has an aviation armament — Two Z-8 helicopter with equipment to detect and attack surface and underwater targets.

The largest warship in China: helicopter landing ship dock, the project 071

Electronic equipment, according to unofficial sources, including:
Radar detection of surface targets (most likely type 360), air defense radar (Type 364) and radar fire control system (can be type 344).

Landing ships for the transport of the project are 071 in the hold dock, located in the rear and center of the case. The gates of the dock, respectively, are located on the aft end of the ship. Double-leaf gates with horizontal linkage: the upper half in landing rises, and the lower reaches down and forms a ramp.

Separately worth the brakes on hoverborne assault landing ship. They have also become a novelty for professionals. The fact that previously, China has had a similar technology, capable of carrying large loads and languid — a maximum of 10 fighter in full gear. New boats can also carry not only the personnel, and the cars, armored infantry fighting vehicles by them. There is popular perception that these boats were made on the basis of acquired China in the Russian Federation hoverborne assault landing ship "Murena", or due to South American operating time that came from Chinese intelligence. In favor of the latest v
ersion reads OUTDOOR similarity of Chinese and American boats LCAC.

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