Named the popular festivals of small Russian towns

Successful event management in 2012 in the cities of the Association of small tourist towns, named Olga Guseva, president of the Association and head of the city of Suzdal at a press conference.

In Suzdal — this festival, "Suzdal versta", "Cucumber Festival", an international festival of "Indian Summer".
In Myshkin — parade of old technology "Creep" (2-4 August 2013), an international festival of Mice (July 2013), the traditional festival of Russian culture "Family Circle" (July 2013).
In Kungur — International Festival of Ballooning "Heavenly Fair Urals" (End of June — beginning of July 2013).
In Dmitrov — Grand Prix "Ski Track of Russia" (January 2013). Also, 28 September 2013, a festival of Carrots.
In the Azov — annual National Festival of military history clubs (early August 2013). It presented the Mayor Sergei Bezdolny.
Key events Uglich — velofestival "Uglich versta" (21-23 June 2013) and the international photo festival "Fotoparad in Uglich" (7-11 August 2013). The head of the municipal district of Uglich Sergei Jobbers invited everyone to the sports festival "Winter fun in Uglich" (9 February 2013).
In Elabuge traditionally held Spassky Fair (1-11 August 2013), told Gulzada Rudenko, CEO Elabuzhsky State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve Advisor to the Mayor for Tourism Yelabuga. Yelabuga also invites the All-Russia festival of bell ringing.
Tobolsk, in the person of the President of the Committee on Culture and Tourism of Alexandra Strunkina, presented the festival Reenacting "Abalaksky field" (6-7 July 2013) and the feast of "Royal Days in Tobolsk" (summer 2013).

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