Nanoproverki: no money, no innovation

Recently in our country against the background of the authorities to start a full-scale anti-corruption manifested a peculiar fashion. Fashion for the identification of the amounts put it mildly, is not quite the target of budget spending in some ministry or agency. The Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Space Agency, Olimpstroy etc. And now in the role of the "etc." is a Russian company stands with the statemanagementas "RUSNANO". That same company, which was established more than five years ago, and the intention was to literally gush of ideas and completed projects on the development of high-tech industries with the release onymi competitive products.


Five years have passed, and now have decided to work "RUSNANO" to pay attention. More precisely, the attention paid in the past, but this time decided to also carry out a count of the cash that the company headed unsinkable reformer Anatoly Chubais all time, managed to "learn." Checking is just beginning, but its preliminary results are already known.

It was found that during the years of its existence, "RUSNANO" mastered "in the wrong direction," 21.8 billion rubles, of which about 3 billion — the cost of the development, establishment and subsequent introduction in Russian schools Russian ultra-black-and-white tablets , set in the optional which means working with text and graphic images of stationary, but did not appear to work with video files … There was a time when Chubais personally reported to Putin on how to "RUSNANO" works effectively, driving with more than 100-billion-dollar funding that the company comes from the state budget. Report this and looked like a demonstration of Vladimir Putin tablet, developed in the "RUSNANO".

And everything seems to be already set that tablet computer produced in Russia will be the students of our schools, even in black and white, even without video support functions, albeit late, but still relatively inexpensive (marked price of 12 thousand rubles) and most importantly, their "home-grown". But … As the weeks passed, months, years passed, and the know-how to present the head of the "RUSNANO" because in Russian schools, and had been received. The reason turned out to be utterly banal: the final price "rosnanovskogo" compact computer is comparable to the price of the most expensive foreign counterparts, one of which (the tablet from the famous overseas companies) enjoys himself Anatoly Borisovich. However, the foreign "equivalents" colored connect to the Internet and video reproduce … Because "millennium project" stalled, and billions of budget funds were not known where, and who knows how to return from there to the budget.

Another project, "RUSNANO", which caused some confusion, was the latest 3-billion-dollar (penny in the penny) project for the production of silicon components for solar panels. And the company has identified three billion is not going to take out of his existing budget, and made a request for that amount to the Finance Ministry. Project Office Anatoly Chubais was called as a priority, and therefore able to eventually produce excellent profits, but only with a project that's left is a real incident. It turned out that such materials at its plants already produce our Chinese neighbors, and commissioningoperationChina's cost of production capacity significantly cheaper. Moreover, for those years, until "RUSNANO" hatched the idea of polycrystalline silicon, the world price of this material fell exactly 25 times (with the help of the same Chinese production). This information led to the fact that the Ministry of Finance to the "RUSNANO" a refusal to allocate designated billion. However, the failure of the Ministry of Finance does not upset the company's management, and in the "RUSNANO" decided that the battle is not yet lost, and that the plants to produce solar cells on the basis of the polysilicon will soon begin to grow like mushrooms after rain.

Anyway Anatoly give up after such failures are not used to. Well, lost, you know a dozen of billions from the state budget — does not matter, give more, and hence the projects will appear in the future. Especially in the case of the present work Chubais him bring any claim of a financial nature is almost impossible. Why? Because the essence of the "RUSNANO" declared in a company focused on the development of an innovative economy. And in keeping with international standards such activity involves serious risks. For example, innovative designs proposed in the United States implemented at best by 20-25 percent. That is, 7-8 projects of 10 suffer a complete collapse and bring the economy any good. So what are we then blame Anatoly Chubais? .. It seems to be in his company most of the projects do not: the last time the only development, which boasts "RUSNANO" — the so-called "FemtoScan" — a scanning probe microscope has found application in medicine. But, comparing the domestic "RUSNANO" with foreign innovative companies, we can not forget about one important point. The fact is that in the same state if the United States and is involved in the financing of development, introduced this kind of firms, the level of funding for the times, and even dozens of times lower than the level of private investment. Moreover, in most cases, foreign companies get a certain task, for which solutions already attracted experts and funds are allocated. That is: the target is set — please, achieve its solutions. We have the same until all farmed out most "RUSNANO": here's 130 billion rubles of the budget, and do what you think is necessary: the tablet, so the tablet, composting toilets, composting toilets so. And so whether it's domestic and global market — the tenth question.
Naturally, this approach unleashes the "generals" of the company, which ("generals") does not feel at themselves at least some control. There is an opportunity to write off any failure on global statistics, saying that you have to poke your finger, the whole world it happens. Yes, it — no one disputes, but only in a foreign version loses private investor who, after the loss of investment in the innovative company is the second time it is not likely to confide in her. And in our case, the state is losing money, that is, every Russian taxpayer. And after yet another loss of funds for "unjustified yourself project" funding "RUSNANO" from the state budget is still going on insolidscale — the same mistake again and again …

Of course, this is not a reason to abandon the strategic innovation projects. It is an opportunity to establish control over the activities of the company which operates the funds from the budget with minimal impact.
Naturally, someone (he Chubais, for example) can claim the same kind of impact do you expect when "RUSNANO" works only 5 years old. Just wait, they say, at least 20-25 years, whereas the implementation of innovative projects will increase significantly. However, if such an option the company will continue, it is possible to wait at least 25, at least 125 years, and the impact will be the same: the money lost, understand and forgive …

By the way, Mr. Chubais said that this amount of 21.8 billion, it appears, has not disappeared:

I want to draw the attention of those people who enthusiastically raise the issue that we either stole 21 billion, or 21 billion written off, or thro
w … We do not steal, do not write off and thrown away. We have established reserves.

What are these reserves? For what purpose? If the complete implementation of innovative projects, in the presence of suchsolidWhat was the need for reserves "RUSNANO" ask another 3 billion rubles from the Ministry of Finance on the implementation of the "polysilicon project" … Why could not find the money, so to speak, inside the "RUSNANO" — also accumulated reserves … It turns out that either the words of the reserves — the next bluff, or need these considerable funds not to invest in innovation.

By the way, analyzing the words of Anatoly Borisovich that no one has stolen, not written off and not throw, you need to recall the following situation. Not so long ago, the head of the "RUSNANO" let cry, calling to invest in projects of his company pension funds … Like, for which the money will be based on the accounts, if they can start implementing the next project. But was immediately reminded of home, I'm sorry, "excuse" representatives "RUSNANO" about why not all projects work — statistics, they say. And if you follow the world statistics, it turns out that by investing a billion-another of the pension fund in the "nanoidei" work at best only 20% of funds. The rest of all the statistical calculations go into the pipe. And that's how the Pension Fund, which itself can not patch the holes scarce, will tell seniors about why funds melted away — that's another matter. Expect the same to the fact that 100% of "retirement" money will give positive impact in the projects "RUSNANO", at least, naive.

It is noteworthy that the "RUSNANO" does not care about the possibility of private capital flows, and again directed his views on what lies closer to the state budget. Of course! Private owners, then try Bring a black-and-white tablet, and the state does not have to involve money — they will flow if you remove the last barriers of restrictive …

PS According to reports, "RUSNANO", in 2012, the so-called nanocenters revenue totaled 365 million rubles. What a sly, however, report. The trick is that the concept of revenues significantly different from the concept of profit. Profit is revenue minus expenses. And what is the annual profit centers under the control of "RUSNANO" if only the monthly salary of the head of the company is estimated at 2 million rubles, and the average salary of hundreds of employees "RUSNANO" is about 300,000 rubles.? And whether this profit at all? There would be — the company "RUSNANO" has long been trumpeted to this at all angles …

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