Nanotechnology for Russian Railways

September 7 between companies, LLC "Liotech" Ltd. and "Center of Innovation Development STM" (CIR STM) as part of activities commemorating the 175th anniversary of the Russian Railways, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. 

In accordance with the agreements, the companies plan to conduct joint development in several areas: equipment hybrid locomotive TEM9N SynaraHybrid lithium-ion batteries (LIB), the development of energy storage and uninterruptible power supply based on the LIA to improve energy efficiency and energy consumers Railways, development of energy-efficient hybrid technology for mainline railway equipment, as well as lithium-ion batteries a large capacity equipped with control systems and production management CIR STM.

All developments will be applied Lithium-ion batteries "Liotech."

In the days of the show "EXPO 1520", among the novelties of engineering was presented a hybrid locomotive TEM9N SynaraHybrid, developed by the Center for Innovative Development of STM using lithium-ion batteries Liotech. Development of hybrids with powerful energy storage are of particular interest to the Railways, since their operation is cost effective compared to traditional diesel locomotives. Thus, the use of lithium-ion batteries in the design submitted by the diesel locomotive reduces fuel by 30%, which corresponds to a saving of 60 tons of fuel per year. 

According to Alexander Erokhin, General Director of "Liotech", "like a diesel can be used wherever electricity can be accumulated and then used in the work. The most important parameters for any kind of batteries are the power consumption, service life, operating temperature range. At present, all of the energy storage of lithium-ion batteries have the best performance on these parameters. In particular, the high specific capacity of lithium-ion batteries "Liotech" 3-5 times higher than lead-acid, the life — about 3000 cycles, temperature range — from -40 ° C to +50 ° C. This makes them ideal solution for use in rolling stock. "

"By joining forces with" Liotech "Innovation Development Center will be able to improve the technology of application of various types of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid drives new locomotives, which will help to improve the technical characteristics of the developed world railway equipment," — said General Director of CIR STM Anton Zubihin.

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