Nanotechnology Plakarta have passed the test of time

Most "Picturesque" in Moscow


CJSC "Plakart", Project Company "RUSNANO", acted as the customer and the initiator of an independent survey of the state metallizatsiionnogo cover elements for the anchorages of the bridge railings "Picturesque" in Moscow after five years of operation.

According to project documentation, metallized coating on the basis of Zn (SPRAMET 200) of "Plakart" as part of anti-corrosion coating was applied to steel plates mounting racks barrier protection.

The aim of the study was to determine the state of metallized coating after five years of operation under the impact of the environment on silnoagressivnoy SNIP

"Natural survey was conducted on thirty sites randomly selected section of the barrier fence. Measurements were made of the total combined thickness of the coating and metallization coating thickness separately. Determined in accordance with GOST 15140 LCP adhesion and bonding strength metallized coating according to GOST 9.304 by applying the grid scratches "- The specialists of" Plakart. "

The study experts found no single plot the destruction of metallization layer. Furthermore, there were no traces of rust even if damage to the paint coating.

Specialists have drawn the conclusion that the state of the metallized coating meets the requirements of design and regulatory documents. After five years of service coverage continues to provide protection for the base metal from corrosion.

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