NAPO. Chkalov, which is a holding company Sukhoi, in 2011, plans to increase production of the aircraft and the aircraft is approximately 1.5 times, while maintaining the growth rate in 2010.

This was announced at a meeting with journalists, general manager of Andrew Kalinowski. According to RIA Novosti, who was present at the meeting, presidential envoy to the Siberian Federal District Viktor Tolokonskiy said that at present front of the plant are "unprecedented challenges" in the reality of which only a few years ago, not everyone believed. "The last 20-30 years we have talked about this rate is extremely rare. For the plant and Novosibirsk in general now a matter of honor — to sustain this order, to prove that we can move forward at a pace, thereby redefining the idea of the many commercial opportunities in our country, of engineering and aircraft construction ", — the envoy.
He added that 2010 was decisive for the plant, and in 2011 should make the resulting level of performance "vysokoupravlyaemoy and high-tech system."
NAPO Chkalov was founded in 1931. Since 2002 is part of the holding company "Sukhoi". The company produces the newest fighter-bombers Su-34, repairs and modernization of Sukhoi Su-24M, produces compartments for regional passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100, as well as participates in the creation of the fifth generation fighter.

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