NASA is trying to hide the giant spherical objects near the sun?

In photos obtained by the spacecraft SOHO, you can see strange spherical objects that are near the sun. For the most part, the pictures were taken with an ultraviolet telescope EIT (Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope).

According to the version of NASA, which followed immediately after the publication of the photo, the spheres are the consequences of image compression, or any other defect.

At the same time, if we compare these objects so that looks like Mercury in the sun (shown below in the official photo NASA), we can see that the difference between the estimated "image defects" and the real image of the planet is very small. Thus, the probability that the picture presented above, we are dealing with material objects, it seems not so small as to want to convince us of this.

This photo, which can be seen as Mercury moves in the sun, were made in May 2003 and published in June 2004. This movement can be observed from Earth in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Furthermore, the process was captured by optical equipment on the spacecraft SOHO. Different colors correspond to different solar wavelengths. This "transition" was one of 14 that will be seen in the 21st century.

The following photos were taken by SOHO machine January 21 at 23:24 and 23:44 respectively.

Photo in that pattern:

Next movie makes it clear that the objects move — such "behavior" was clearly not a characteristic of the image defects.

This photo was taken recently. As we can see, the strange objects have not disappeared.

Items appear in the images 17 January this year. The following day, 18 January, in the SOHO was supposedly a failure is detected. It is noteworthy that on the same day failed Russian telescope TESIS on board the space observatory "Coronas-Photon". Recent images taken TESIS SOHO and accordingly, I offer you below.

Here are the photos and videos from different sources.

On a day when there were objects in the photo, SOHO website has not been updated for about 24 hours. In the normal new images of the sun appear there almost every hour. Later, these "idle" is repeated, and after a while links to many materials related to this finding, started blocking.

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