NASA may issue a splash of extra-terrestrial life

The U.S. space agency NASA, probably prepared sensations associated with the existence of extraterrestrial life — at the beginning of this week on the official site office was published of the impending press conference, which will discuss the "astrobiological finding", which caused a strong reaction in the global blogosphere.

A live broadcast of the event, scheduled for Thursday, December 2, will hold TV NASA TV and the agency's official website —

According to the document, the event, in particular, will be discussed "astrobiological finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life." The press conference will be attended by geologist Pamela Conrad (principal author of articles published in the past year, the geology and life on Mars), oceanographer Felisa fulvic Simon (writer on photosynthesis using arsenic), biologist Steven Benner of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and ecologist James Elser, who works in Follow the Elements — astrobiological program funded by NASA.

However, some experts doubt that the press conference will be made a sensational statement. "I do not rule, but it is very unlikely," — said astronomer Phil Plait on the question of whether NASA talk about the existence of extraterrestrial life. "It is much more likely that the agency has found a place where this could happen," — said the astronomer.

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