NASA scientists plan to find the mysterious planet Nibiru

NASA scientists plan to find the mysterious planet Nibiru

WASHINGTON, September 24. Nibiru, which, according to ancient tradition, flies from time to time around the earth once again attracted the attention of astronomers. Specialists NASA, officially confirmed in 1983, the year the existence of Nibiru, plans to start its serious search.

Therefore, scientists are going to run a telescope to find the mythical planet Nibiru in space, reports GlobalScience. Researchers did not even bother fact that this planet is mentioned only in more esoteric nature of the sources and while the scientific existence of a space object is not proven.

However, in recent years, astronomers from around the world do not stop to talk about the mysterious Nibiru, which flies on the legends of the ancient Sumerians, around the Earth at regular intervals. Some scholars suggest that this mysterious planet there is even an alien civilization.

Also, there are scientists who are inclined to say that the cause of global catastrophe — the Great Flood — was precisely the gravitational force of Nibiru.

American researchers have previously suggested that Nibiru — Planet, artificially created by aliens to stay on it, and Earth observations. The planet has a red color, characteristic fragmentation loop and has several satellites.

It is assumed that this planet has caused some change in the axis of the planets in our solar system, and contributed to numerous cracks and craters on the moon.

Nibiru is also accused in the disappearance of Atlantis and the frequent floods that occur on Earth.

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