Nasha Niva waiting for subsidies from the state

At a press conference at the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the chief editor of "Nasha Niva" Andrei Skurko told about the situation surrounding the disappearance of the last number.

According to online newspaper "Solidarity", newspaper disappeared "somewhere between the printing press and the" Belsajuzdruk ":

— Last week, we were faced with a new kind of censorship — censorship since the "liberalization" as part of the circulation of the material NTV film "The Godfather" was removed from the distribution. And, was seized most easily accessible part of the newspaper, which ran through the stalls "Belsajuzdruk."

Chief Editor Andrei Skurko told that the editors appealed to the regional "Belsajuzdruk", but received there are different answers. Someone said that the number has gone on sale, but readers were not able to find it, someone said, that aftermost recent incarnation number for them do that.

In this case, Andrei Skurko believes that the situation in the detention room "Belsoyuzpechat" was made only as a performer, and the decision was made at several levels higher.

Revision sent an appeal to the "Belsajuzdruk" demanding explanations. In addition, a complaint to the prosecutor's office and appeal to the Commercial Court, as the publication has suffered a very substantial material losses: a "Belsoyuzpechat" was sent to 3485 copies — with VAT edition loses 4 million rubles.

If the "Belsoyuzpechat" will do view that the room went on sale, the regional companies will be forced to transfer money to us for the room.

— The next act of this "marlizonskaga ballet" will be when we get to the end of the month from "Belsajuzdruk" write-off figures. If spisanne numbers from July 7 to be extremely large, it would mean that "Belsoyuzpechat" signs behind the scenes: the room was detained. If the write-off will be the usual and "Belsoyuzpechat" will pretend that the room went on sale, the regional companies will be forced to transfer money to us for the room. This may be the first example of a state grant independent press.

At the same time, Andrei Skurko expressed "Belsajuzdruk" gratitude: if, during the summer holidays to the attention of the press traditionally falls in such an original way they drew attention to the "Nasha Niva".


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