Nastya Shpakovskaya: I can not bring myself to remain silent

In the Belarusian society scene quite a bit of rock bands with female vocals. Even less of these charismatic rock singers. And those who for a long time consistently and successfully fights the stereotype that rock music — business men, all views. Just of these — the guest of today's program, "White List of Liberty." She started a musical career, is already making a name for himself on the stage, and during these seven years and achieved success in music. Her band is loud enough at first declared itself in Russia. The team from Minsk was a frequent visitor there the large "beer" festivals, songs Minsk fell into the dense rock radio airplay, the band have gained favor with such eminent persons as Yuri Shevchuk, Artemy Troitsky, Oleg Garkusha. However Minsk musicians became friends with a group of "Bart", known for its neprymirenchuyu citizenship.

Greetings in the studio Anastasia SHPAKOVSKY, singer of «Naka».

— Nastia, you like your colleague Mary Lyubichava with "Bart" does not hide its position and periodically speak publicly about the events in the country. After 2006 square you have to protect your guitar group arrested that night. Then he held a rally in defense of the Church of St. Joseph. Feel the strength to change things?

— The situation appears to "donkihotavskuyu" it is tilting at windmills. Change something, perhaps, I can not, I just can not bring himself to remain silent.

— The same group of "Bart" already imposes charges of extremism for being too harsh lyrics. Are not you afraid that this could happen to you?

— Group «Naka» was never political. Up to this point was not written any songs ostrosotsialnye, a fortiori with obscenities that would call people to violence or to radical actions. We are engaged in music from the soul, not in the area of call. But that does not mean people, playing in the group deprived of citizenship. We are real people and adequately see what's going on.

— On the events of December 19 you responded song "All taken away." Probably for this reason, your group, and into the "black list." I've heard that this fact you even pleased?

— Pleased or disappointed — not the words that fit here. I have a difficulty about the whole situation in the main place of work — the National Academic Drama Theater. Have been made, the conversation with me, so it's difficult for me to comment on something adequately, because the situation is not worth it. We were given a mini-album with the songs "All taken away" and "Get ready."

However, cute — Assumption with Cheburashka, Kevin Spacey and the group «Naka» in one list.

Except for the name, they are not bound to those events. Although I will not deny that certain internal promise they have. But I do not want to comment on the situation, not because I'm afraid, but because it is not necessary to deepen as it schizophrenic and inappropriate. In this tragic farce do not want to be involved, I want to be creative, to write songs. Unfortunate that we are faced with the fact that we can now arrange a recital. Unfortunate that the people who invite us to an assembly concert, can not write the name of our band on the bill. However, cute — Assumption with Cheburashka, Kevin Spacey and the group «Naka» in one list.

— It so happened that in Belarus «Naka» loudly about themselves paranavnalna said recently. In 2009, the band recorded a Belarusian-language hit "Run", and that same year received the status of Nastya "Rock Princess". Anastasia, whether the continuation of the Belarusian-creation?

— I do not like parasitized by something. I have no such givens — writing songs for the Belarusian-language audience or write in Russian to travel to Moscow. It so happened that we recorded a few songs on the whiteRussian language. It is with anything not specifically related. I wanted to write in, I'm glad everything worked out, they are very close to me and they are about what's going on inside of me and the musicians of «Naka».

— By tradition, I suggest you perform one of the songs live in the studio of "Freedom."

— This will be our new Belarusian-song. In addition to the premiere of the work itself will also premiere our new musician — guitarist Paul Tryputsya, the person who most recently appeared in the group after a six-month search. Today, therefore, the double premiere. The song is called "In the battle."



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