Natalia Narochnitskaya: In Syria, waged a war of all against all

In March of this year Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in conjunction with the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society have organized the international conference "Syria, the path to peace." The event was held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations. The conference was attended by the head of the Institute of Natalia Narochnitskaya, deputy head of the IOPS Elena Agapov Superior convent of St. Jacob in Kara (Syria) Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, as well as the Secretary General of the Committee on social and national reconciliation "Musalaha" Sheikh Mohammad Nabil- Feuillade.


— Natalia A., how the idea of this conference? Perhaps, it was difficult to hold the event without any problems, the essence of which is diametrically different from the West highlights how the events in Syria?


— As soon as the world's "democracy promoters" have launched a mechanism of so-called "Arab Spring", these topics have been the subject of our discussion in Paris, at the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation. First, we held an event on Libya, which, by the way, was involved a former foreign minister under Mitterrand — Roland Dumas, who spoke with great skepticism about the current policy of France. He expressed bewilderment: why France should be almost the instigator and driving force of such a reckless policy, and recalled that at one time the president Mitterrand categorically rejected the idea of strikes on Libya, which the United States imposed. France in the 80s and has refused to provide its airspace to NATO bombers …

The destructive processes spread to Syria, and we had in December last year, a round table on the events in the country, with a focus on the violation of international law and human rights. We introduced the French public with the abbess of the monastery of St. Jacob — Catholic nun from Syria Agnia-Mariam de la Croix. She talked about the atrocities of militants about how they burned the monasteries and killed Christians. She began selfless activity, went to different Christian countries, including the patriarchates in the Middle East, calling attention to these terrible facts, the fact that the region is collapsing balance between faiths, between ethnic communities. Mother — Panoramic minded person understands and geopolitics, and the laws of diplomacy. She is highly educated, speaks four languages. She was interviewed and Russia Today, and our Orthodox sites. She came to us for a seminar on Syria and advocated academic, wisely, based on indisputable arguments that it is weighty to Western society. We saw a mutual understanding of what is happening in our estimates. That's when the idea was born to perform together with representatives of the Syrian heartland in international institutions.

— And as a mother is Russian?

— Oh, more than good! She believes that with Russia still holds anything at all in Syria. And all the while praying for us … We openly talked privately. She testified at the round table in the IDS that the Western media falsely demonize life in areas that are controlled by the Assad government. The fully destroyed areas where wielded by "opposition"-militants is growing movement of local communities, and a counter with different faith groups, to stop the orgy and begin a dialogue of reconciliation. Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix actually drives like a messenger of the movement "Musalaha" — the movement towards reconciliation, which is not formalized, but which is attended by prominent members of the clan-communal structures. Syria — Damascus is not only this clan, community or tribal structure.

Having analyzed the information about this movement, we just had a great desire to tell the truth about the true situation in Syria to the UN Council on Human Rights, to the international diplomatic community. But how? If we had of our Institute have just written a paper analyzing, with links to documents and letters that we receive all of this, of course, would have been immediately in the trash … So the idea to use the regular session of the UN Council on Human Rights and try it there, in Geneva, to hold a conference.

— That is, you have decided to take advantage of the non-governmental organization, which is led by you Institute for Democracy and Cooperation.

— That's right. Because the format of the UN Council on Human Rights nor any embassy or our official permanent diplomatic mission to the UN agencies in Geneva do not have the opportunity.

There is such a thing — a side event in the margins of sessions of the UN Human Rights — «side event». To carry out such an event should have a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Then claimed by special regulations event is inserted in the official schedule of the session of the Council. We have that status yet. But the oldest Russian non-governmental organization — the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) has the status of a few years, but has never failed to use them. As a member of the Board of IOPS and knowing that his leadership and His Holiness has repeatedly targetted company to introduce to the debate on philosophical issues on the Middle East, I suggested that the leadership of IOPS in this case be the driving force for the first time and really become a full member of the international debate.

This idea was fully supported IOPS, which, by the way, has initiated the collection and shipment of humanitarian aid to Syria, and it is in these days of April Fools' collection is already underway, as can be read on the Company website! It is known that the potential IOPS exceptionally large: rare non-governmental organization which unites and experienced diplomats blizhnevostochnikov, and high-level church leaders, and academics — professors, Byzantologist, Arabists … These are people who know the culture, civilization, the complexity of the region's own languages. Therefore, our idea has enabled IOPS turn in that direction at full strength. At the conference, Elena Agapov, deputy head of IOPS, beautifully acted in English, on a course to comment. It is clear that the Institute and IOPS harmoniously complement each other, and it shows that our non-governmental organizations must not only develop their full potential and use, but also to cooperate.

I note that to organize a conference technically was not easy. Five days before the beginning we (EA. Agapov of IOPS, Irina Pankov of FIP, and Eugene Osadchiy and John Lokland in Paris) up to 3 hours of the night did not sleep, staying constantly in touch, still mastering the organizational wisdom; sitting out on the internet, because everything is done only online. Then he waited to get invited Syrian visa, too, could not make it. But all went well, really helped our diplomats, who showed brilliant professionalism. They did not intrude into our field of activity, but knowing all the procedures, gave advice, explained the formalities that we could not comprehend themselves. Without them, we would have missed the d
eadline! Their knowledge of the nuances of the Geneva headquarters helped overcome everything. I must say, the unit of UN structures did not put obstacles, we were going to meet.


— And now what is the staff of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation?


— A total of six people, three major employee and three support staff. On large projects in the single mode welcome addition.

But we made full use of the opportunities, this conference is literally struck in recent days. The Syrians have been granted visas at the Swiss Embassy in Beirut, for which there should have been a period of leave requested by the IOPS with the confirmation of the Geneva UN headquarters, what remained only day! Then we helped organize and interpretation from Arabic, because half of the participants, the Syrians did not speak English.

The conference was a great success, there were a lot of people in the audience were diplomats from different countries, the press, kept shooting of the TV channel "Russia 1". They came and functionaries of the Human Rights Council of the UN.

Just imagine, first appeared at the Geneva forum sheikh, who heads the tribal community (more than three million people), and with it a Catholic priest of the Arab heartland. Then — Syrian parliament deputy, but not from Baathist party, but, on the contrary, that always used to be in opposition Baathists, but then, as an honest democrat, not accepted imported from outside the so-called "opposition" and lies. Another long-time social activist, who was imprisoned even once in custody, but also a decent man and a true patriot, Syria, ready to testify that there is really going on, they destroy Syria Adventure, Western politics, the hypocrisy of the world press.

Thus, it is not "pro-government" note-speakers, and completely unrelated to the Establishment Syrian officials testified about the atrocities of militants that were happening in front of them, on the supply of arms from outside across the Turkish border. They talked about some scary episodes attributed to a "global democracy," the Syrian army, but in reality by the militants. Were presented with video discs.

Syrians insisted that reconciliation in the country, and perhaps now is not less than the original. Because today the Syrian society is so terrified of the offense that the reconciliation is actually talking, even those who did not sympathize with each other. The delegation was unanimous in the fact that support for militants West, supplying them from the outside, an orgy of violence and lies media world — these are the main destroyers of Syria.

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Ru045CR � Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Su0453Su040BS u2030 PEP number Ru0491Ru03BCRu0405Su040A Ru0457Ru0455Su0403S, Su0453Ru0457R � Ru03BCS, P u2021 � Ru0406Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455S Ru03BCRu0454 pep � Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru0455Ru0458Su0403S, Ru0406R � R'Ru03BCSu0402S … Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458ReSu0403Su0403R Su0402R � � � Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402R Ru0406R Cosmosblack � C u2021 Ru03BCR" Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCRu0454R � Ru045BRu045BRu045C, Ru0405R � Cosmosblack Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402Su040FS,, C u2021 C, the PS C, P � Ru0454Ru0455Ru03BC ReRu0405S, Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0403Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, ReRu03BC Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0491Ru0455R "u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0455Su0403S, P � C, Su040ASu0403Su040F Ru0405Ru03BCR � R � u2021 Ru0458Ru03BCS Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Cosmosblack, Ryo Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491R" P � Ru0456R � Su040BS, Ru0406Su0403S, Su0402Ru03BCS u2021 Su0453! Ru045AS <Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455, Su0402Ru03BCS PEP u20AC "D, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0456R" P � Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC — Ru0455S, Ru0457Su0402R � Ru0406ReS, Su040A Ru0454 Ru0405ReRu0458 Su0403ReSu0402ReR number C u2020 Ru03BCRu0406! P 'of the Republic, Ru0455Ru0456Ru03BC Ru0456R "P � � Ru0406R Ru040ERu0455Ru0406Ru03BCS, P � P � u00B6 Ru0456Ru0455Su0403Ru0457Ru0455R Ru045FReR" P � Su0453 Ru0455Ru0454R � F � P � P "P � Su0403Su040A P � P � Ru0405Su040FS, P �, Ru0455Ru0491Ru0405R � Ru0454Ru0455 Su0402Su0453Ru0454Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Ru03BCR "Re P u00B1 P" PEP u00B6 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0406Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455S Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0405R u2021 � � Ru0457Su0402R Ru0406R "Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F PI Ru040ERu0455Ru0406Ru03BCS, Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402R � Ru0406R Cosmosblack � C u2021 Ru03BCR" Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCRu0454R � C, � F Ru0454Re Ru0457Su0402ReRu0405Su040FR "Re Ru0458R � C, ft u20AC Ru0454Su0453 Ru0452Ru0456Ru0405ReSu040B-Ru045AR � � Su0402ReR Cosmosblack Ru0491Ru03BC P "Su040F Ru0459Su0402Su0453R �. Ru045BRu0405R �, Su0453Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455S u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405R Su040F Ru0455Su0403S �, P � P" Su040ARu0405S <Ru0458Re C u2021 P "Ru03BCRu0405R � Ru0458Re Su0403ReSu0402ReR number Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0491Ru03BCR" Ru03BCRu0456R � C u2020 ReRe, Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491R � P "P � Ru0455S" Res u2020 PEP � P "Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0406ReRu0491Ru03BCRu0455 Re, Re Ru0458R � Su0403Su0403Su0453 Ru0491Su0402Su0453Ru0456ReS … Ru0458R � C, � F Ru03BCSu0402ReR" Ru0455Ru0406, Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0457ReSu0403R � Ru0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC C Ru03BCRu0454Su0403S, C <Ru0456Ru0491Ru03BC, Ru0454R � Ru0454 Ru0458S <Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC PEP "Pe Ru0457Ru0455Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCS u2030 P � Ru0406S u20AC ReSu0403Su040A PI Ru0455S, Ru03BCR "Ru03BC, P u00B1 C <P" Re Su0403Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405S <Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0491ReRu0405Ru0455 Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC Ru0491Ru0455Ru0454Su0453Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S, ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F C Ru03BCR � ReSu0403Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0405S � F, PEP � � Su0403R Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0491Ru0455Ru0454R "P � Ru0491R � Su040CS, Ru0455R number Ru0456Ru0455Su0402Ru03BC-Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458ReSu0403Su0403ReRe! R S u2021 C, the PS Ru0406S <Ru0491Su0453Ru0458R � Ru03BCS, Ru03BC, P � P � C, Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0458R � C, ft u20AC Ru0454Su0453 Ru0452Ru0456Ru0405ReSu040B-Ru045AR � � Su0402ReR Cosmosblack Ru0491Ru03BC P "Su040F Ru0459Su0402Su0453R � Ru0457Su0402ReRu0456R" Su0403ReR P � "P � D Ru0457Su0402ReRu0405Su040FR "P � � Ru0459R Su0402R" P � P "Ru03BCR" Su040A Ru045FRu0455Ru0405S, Ru03BC! R R u00B1 the PS Ru0458R � C, � F Ru03BCSu0402ReR "C <Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Su0403S, P � Ru0406R" Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0405R � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S "Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0405S u2020 ReRe PI Su0402R � Ru0458Ru0454R � C … Su0403Ru03BCSu0403Su0403ReRe Ru040ERu0455Ru0406Ru03BCS, P � Ru045BRu045BRu045C Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402R � � Ru0406R Cosmosblack From u2021 Ru03BCR "Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCRu0454R �, u00B1 Ru0455R Su040FR � P � Ru0405S <P u00B1 C <C, Su040A ft u2021 C Ru03BCRu0405S <Re P � P � Su0402Ru03BCRu0456ReSu0403S, Su0402ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � Ru0405S <! Ru045FRu0455 e-mail Ru0459R Su0402R � "P � P" Ru03BCR "Su040A Ru045FRu0455Ru0405S, Ru03BC Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Su0403S Fe, P � Ru0406ReS, Ru03BCR" Re Ru040ERu0455Ru0406Ru03BCS, P � � Ru045BRu045BRu045C Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Su0402R Ru0406R Cosmosblack � C u2021 Ru03BCR "Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCRu0454R � Ru0458R � C, ft u20AC Ru0454Su0453 Ru0457Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0458 P � P � Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402ReR "D, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC In" Ru0455S u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Su040A Ru0406R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru0405S <Ru03BCV "Ru0491Ru0455Ru0454Su0453Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S, C <C, P u00B1 Ru03BCRu0457Ru03BCSu0402Su040A Ru0405Ru03BCRu0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Su0453Ru0491Su0453S, Ru0457Su0402ReSu0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0454Su0453Ru0457R" Ru03BCRu0405S <Ru0454 Su0402R Su0403Su0403R � "� Ru03BCRu0491Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405ReSu040B Ru0459Ru0455Ru0458ReSu0403Su0403ReRe … Ru040EReSu0402ReR number C u2020 C <Ru0491R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BC Su0402R Su0403Su0403S � u2021 res, C <Ru0406R � P "Re Ru0405R � C, � F Ru0454Ru0455R number Su0402Ru03BCR � Su0453R" Su040AS, P � C, Ru0457Ru0455R "P � � Ru0456R P "D Su0453Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCS … Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403R Cosmosblack � C" P � Ru0454S, C <Res … Ru0406S <ft Su0453Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F PI P-Ru03BCRu0405Ru03BCRu0406Ru03BC!

— P u2022 ft Su040A P "Re … With Ru0455S, Su040A Ru0454R � � Ru0454R Su040F-C, the PS Ru0405R Ru0491Ru03BCR � u00B6 � Ru0491R Ru0405R � C, the PS, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0458R � C, � F Ru03BCSu0402ReR" C <Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S "Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0405S u2020 ReRe Ru0458Ru0455Ru0456Su0453S, Ru0454-Ru0454R � C, the PS Ru0457Ru0455Ru0406R" ReSu040FS, Su040A Ru0405R � Su0403ReS, Su0453R � C u2020 ReSu040B, Ru0405R Ru0457Ru0455R � � u2020 ReSu040B Su040CS RES, RES … Ru0491Ru03BCSu040FS, Ru03BCR "Ru03BCR u2116?

— Ru045CRu03BC P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0405R � ReRu0406Ru0405S <Ru0458Revu0402 | P Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0457Su0402ReRu0405ReRu0458R � Su040BS, Su0403Su040F Ru0405Ru03BC Ru03BCRu0405Ru03BCRu0406Ru03BC PI P, PI P'P � F � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0456S, Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BC Re P> Ru0455Ru0405Ru0491Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCvu0402 | Ru045CRu0455 ft u2021 res, P � Su040B : Ru0458S <Su0403Ru0491Ru03BCR "P � P" D, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0458Ru0455Ru0456R "Re — PEP 100 � 100 � Ru0406Ru0455R Ru0458Ru0455R
Ru0405S u00B6 <C … u2020 Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0455Ru0406! Ru045FRu0455 Ru0455S u2020 Ru03BCRu0405Ru0454Ru03BC Ru0405R � C u20AC res … Ru0491ReRu0457R "Ru0455Ru0458R � C, Ru0455Ru0406, Su040CS, the PS P u00B1 C <P" Ru0405Ru03BCR the PS � P � Su0453Su0402Su040FRu0491Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, ReRu03BC Ru0457Ru0455 Su0403Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCR number P � Ru0405R � C u2021 ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Re, Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455 With PI, Ru0455S Ru0454Su0453 P u2021 u00B1 PEP "the PS Re PI Ru0405Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0457R � P" the PS. Ru045CR Su0403R � C � F number, Ru03BC Ru045AR P "Ru0406S <P" Ru0455R u00B6 Just Installed Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCSu0403Su0403-Su0402Ru03BCR "pep � � C, the PS Ru0405R u20AC Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, ReRe.

P Ru03BCR � Ru0455Ru0405R � Ru0405Su0403, P u00B1 Ru03BCR � Su0453Su0403R "Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455, P u00B1 C <P". Ru0452 Ru0405R � C u2021 C, the PS Ru03BCS u2030 C 'Ru0458S <Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0458 Su0402R Su0403Su0403S � u2021 res, C <Ru0406R � C, Su040A, Su040CS, the PS P u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BC Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCS, Su0403Ru0454ReR number Su0453R "Su040AS, ReRu0458R � C, Su0453Ru0458 PI 1950 Ru03BC Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491S <Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402S <P number Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406ReR P � "P � Ru0456Su0402Ru03BCSu0403Su0403ReSu040B PP Ru0457R � � � … Ru0491R

Ru0407 Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCS … Su0403Ru0406Ru0455ReS … Ru0406S <ft Su0453Ru0457R "Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040FS … Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491 C" Su0402R � Ru0405S u2020 Su0453R � Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458 ReSu0403S, Ru03BCR u00B1 R "Res u20AC Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S, Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0457S <C, P � Su040BSu0403Su040A Ru0455R Su0402R u00B1 � C, res, Su040A Ru0406Ru0405ReRu0458R � � Ru0405ReRu03BC Ru0405R Ru0491Ru0455R "Ru0456Ru0455Su0403Su0402Ru0455S u2021 Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403Su040ARu0458R � � Ru0455Ru0457R Su0403Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R" Ru03BCRu0491Su0403S, Ru0406ReSu040F Su0402R � F � Su0402Su0453S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru040EReSu0402ReRe ReRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0491R "Su040F Su0402R � F u00A4 u2020 Ru0405S ReRe Re Ru0491R" Su040F P u2022 Ru0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457S <Ru0491R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0491R "Su040F R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe. u00A4 � F Su0402R Ru0405S u2020 ReSu040F, Su0403 Ru03BCS 'Ru0455Ru0456Su0402Ru0455Ru0458Ru0405S <Cosmosblack Su0402R � ft ft u2030 ReRu0458 Ru0458Su0453Su0403Su0453R "Su040ARu0458R � � Ru0405Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458 Ru0405R Su0403Ru03BCR" Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BCRu0458 Ru0455R Su040FR u00B1 R � � C, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0405R Su0403Ru03BCR � u00B1 Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455S u2021 Su0453Ru0406Su0403S , Ru0406Su0453Ru03BCS, Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Su0402R Ru0491ReRu0454R � � P "pep � R u2020 ReSu040B � C, � F Su0403R" Ru0455Ru0458 Su040CS, Ru0405ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Re Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S "Ru03BCSu0403Su0403ReRu0455Ru0405R � P" � Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0402R Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403ReSu040F Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Su0453Ru03BCS, Ru0405R Ru0406Su0403S'Ru0458 � P ' P "PEP u00B6 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458 R'Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Ru0454Ru03BC, Ru0405Ru03BC C Ru0455R" Su040ARu0454Ru0455 PI Ru040EReSu0402ReRe, Su0402Su0453S … Ru0405Ru03BCS, P> � ReRu0406R the PS … Ru0459S, the PS P u00B1 P "PEP u00B6 R � F number from u20AC PEP number Su0403Ru0455Su0403Ru03BCRu0491, Ru0454Su0453Ru0491R � C … P" C <Ru0405Su0453S, P u00B1 Ru03BCR Ru03BCRu0405S u00B6 u2020 C <? P 'P S, P � P "ReSu040B Re Su0402R � F u00A4 u2020 Ru0405S ReSu040B.

P 'Su0402Ru03BCR � Su0453R "Su040AS, F � C, � F Ru03BC Su0402R � F u00B1 Su0403Ru0454ReS … Su0402Ru03BCRu0406Ru0455R" Su040BS u2020 PEP u2116, Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403Ru0458Ru0455S, Su0402Su040F Ru0405R � C, the PS, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0455Ru0405Re ReRu0491Su0453S, Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491 with "P" P � Ru0456Ru0455Ru0458 P � P � � Ru0457R Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0454Su0402R � C, ReRe, Ru0457Su0402Ru0455ReSu0403S … Ru0455Ru0491ReS, Su0402R � F � Su0402Su0453S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCS … Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0457Ru0455Su0403S <P "Ru0455Ru0454 Ru0454 P" Su040BR u00B1 Ru0455R u2116, Ru0491R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC R � P � C u2021 P � C u2021 Ru0455S Ru0405Ru0455R number Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0454Su0402R � C, ReRe, Ryo Ru0454Su0402R � C … Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCR number ft Su0402Su0453Ru0454S, Su0453Su0402S <Ru0406R � R � � ReRu0458Ru0455Su0403Ru0406Su040FR Ru03BCR number Re P u00B1 P � P "P � � Ru0405Su0403R P'P "PEP u00B6 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 R'Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Ru0454R �. P Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0406Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405ReR ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � � � Ru0405Ru0405R Su040F Su040CR "res, P � Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC Su0403Ru0458Ru03BCS, Ru03BCRu0405R � F u2022 Re PI Ru0456ReRu0457S, Ru03BC, D PI Ru045ESu0453Ru0405ReSu0403Ru03BC, Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402Su040F Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC the PS P> ReRu0406ReRe, Ru0456Ru0491Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0406Ru03BCRu0491Ru03BCRu0405 R � P � C Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405 u20AC P � Su0402ReR � C, P �, Ru0406Su0403Su040BRu0491Su0453 Ru0457Su0402ReS … Ru0455Ru0491Su040FS, Ru0454 Ru0406R "P � ft Re Su040CRu0454Su0403S, Su0402Ru03BCRu0458ReSu0403S, C <. P 'Ru040EReSu0402ReRe Ru0405Ru03BCSu0403R "ft u2021 P � F number Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0405Re Su0403Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405ReR Ru0454R number" P � Su0403Su0403, Ru0405Re Ru0455R Su0402R u00B1 � � P � Ru0455Ru0406R Ru0405Ru0405S <P number Su0403R "Ru0455R number pep � Ru0405R � C u2021 P � P" Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0491Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402R u00B6 P � P "Re Ru0455Ru0457Ru0457Ru0455R � Res u2020 ReSu040B, Ru0455Ru0405Re Su0403R" Res u20AC Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 With … Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S u20AC Ru0405R the PS � P � P "D, C u2021 C, the PS Ru0406Ru0455Su0403Ru0457Ru0455R" Su040AR � Su0453Su040BS, Su0403Su040F With … A Ru0455Su0403Ru0455Ru0458 � C "P � Ru0405R � C, ReRu0454Re, Su0403R" Ru03BCS, Ru03BCRu0406S ReRu03BCSu0403Su040F u20AC C � Su0453Ru0491R Su0403Ru0455 Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 P'P "PEP u00B6 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 R'Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Ru0454R �, Ru0405R � C … Ru0455Ru0491Su040FS ReRu03BCSu0403Su040F Ru03BCS u2030 u2030 C 'Ru0457Su0402Re Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReRe R � Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Su0403S, PI PI Su0403Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Su040FRu0405ReRe Ru0405R � Su0402Ru0454Ru0455S, the Republic u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0455Ru0457Su040ASu040FRu0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F. Ru045BS Ru03BCRu0406ReRu0491S u2021 u2020 C <Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402Su040FS,, C
u2021 C, the PS PI Ru0405ReS … Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040FS, Ru0455Ru0454 Ru0457Su0453R "Su040A Ru0406Su0403R � u00D0 u00B6 � ReRu0406R Su040BS, and P � Ru0455Ru0405Re Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru0491Ru0455R" P � u00D0 u00B6 Su040BS, P u00B1 Ru03BCR u00B6 R � C , Su040A Re Ru0454Su0402ReS u2021 P � C, Su040A, Ru0405Ru03BC C u2021 Su0453Ru0406Su0403S, Ru0406Su0453Su040F P u00B1 Ru0455R "Revu0402 |

Ru045FSu0402Ru0455R � P � � Ru0457R Ru0491Ru0405S <Ru03BC Su040CR "res, C <Ru0454R Ru0454 Su0402R � � P � P u00B1 C <P" Re Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S "Su0402R � Ru0405S u2020 Su0453R � Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458Re, Ryo Su0402R � F u00A4 u2020 Ru0405S ReSu040F Ru0406R" Ru0455R u00B6 PEP "Ru0405Ru03BCRu0458R P � � P" the PS Su0403ReR "PI res … Ru0406Ru0455Su0403Ru0457ReS, P � Ru0405ReRu03BC PI C u2021 Ru03BCS Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R" Ru03BCRu0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0406Su0402Ru03BCRu0458Ru03BCRu0405Re, Ru0491R � Re Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Ru0490Ru0490 Ru0406Ru03BCRu0454R �, u00B1 Ru0455Su0403Ru0455R Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 PI P> ReRu0406R � Ru0405Ru03BC. R'Su0403S 'Su040CS, the PS P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS, Su0403R "Ru0455Ru0458R" Ru03BCRu0405Ru0455, Su0403 Ru0454Ru03BCRu0458 C "Su0402R � Ru0405S u2020 Su0453R � C <C, F � F u00B1 Cosmosblack Su0453Ru0491Su0453S, ReRu0458Ru03BCS, Su040A Ru0491Ru03BCR" the PS? Ru040ERERu0452 Ru0491R � P "Ru03BCRu0454Ru0455, P � R � u2022 Ru0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457R Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru0406R Su040F Ru0455Ru0454R � � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BCS, Su0403Su040F Ru0405R � Ru03BCRu0491ReRu0405Ru03BC Su0403 Ru0455S u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Su040A C Su040FR u00B6 Ru03BCR" C <Cosmosblack, P � Ru0456Su0402Ru03BCSu0403Su0403ReRu0406Ru0405S <Cosmosblack Su0403Ru0455Su0403Ru03BCRu0491Ru0455Ru0458. Ru0459 Su0403Ru0455R u00B6 P � P "Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040B, Ru03BCRu0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru03BCR number Su0403Ru0454R � � Su040F Ru0457Su0402R Ru0406ReS, Ru03BCR" Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405R � Su040F Su040CR "res, P �, Ru0457Ru0455S … Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BC, Ru0455Su0403Ru0455R � Ru0405R � Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455 PEP" Re Ru0405Ru03BCRu0455Su0403Ru0455R � Ru0405R � Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040ASu040B Ru0454R � Ru0457ReS, Su0453R" ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � P "P � P � Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0491 Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402ReRu0454R Ru0405Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458 � F � P � Ru0458S <Su0403R" Ru0455Ru0458 Re Ru0457Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0455Ru0458 In "Su0453Ru0458Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0403ReR" C <B ", Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S, Su0402Ru0455R "Su040A Ru0405R � Ru0491 ft Su0402R � C, Ru03BCRu0456ReS Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454ReRu0458Re Su0402Ru03BCRu0456ReRu0455Ru0405R u2021 � u2030 Ru0458Re Ru0455Su0403Su0453S Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406R" Su040FRu03BCS, Su0403Su040F C u2021 � Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCR Ru0457Ru0455Su0403Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406, Su0403R � C, Ru03BCR "P" of the Republic, Ru0455Ru0406, Su0403Ru0455Su040BR � Ru0405ReRu0454Ru0455Ru0406 … P Su040CS, the PS, Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2021 Ru0405Ru0455, Ru0454Su0402R � F number Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455Ru0457R � Su0403Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0491R "Su040F Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Ru0458ReSu0402R �. Ru0407 P � P � P � u2021 Ru0458Ru03BCS Su040B Ru0455S, Su0402Ru03BCR � Ru0406R "Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0455R C u00B1 u2030 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0406Ru0455 Su0402R � F u00A4 u2020 Ru0405S ReRe, Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0455Ru0405Ru0455, P u00B1 Ru03BCR � Su0453Su0403R" Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455, Ru0455S u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Su040A Su0403ReR " Su040ARu0405Ru0455 P � P � � P � Ru0457R Ru0491S <Ru0406R � Ru03BCS,.

Ru045FSu0402R Ru0406Ru0491R � �, Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BC Ru0405R � C u20AC Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455 Ru0491Ru03BCRu0454R � F u00B1 Su0402Su040ASu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0458Ru03BCSu0402Ru0455Ru0457Su0402ReSu040FS, ReSu040F PI ft Ru03BCRu0405R � C … A Ru0405Su0403S, RES, ft Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0454Su0402R � F � C, D ReRe Su0403Ru0455S, Su0402Su0453Ru0491Ru0405ReS u2021 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406R Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Su040F Ru0457Su0402ReRu0456R � "P � Su0403ReR" Re Ru0406S <ft Su0453Ru0457ReS, Su040A Ru0405R � F u00B1 Ru0455R "Su040AS u20AC Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S" Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0405S u2020 ReRe In "Ru040EReSu0402ReSu040F u00E2 u20AC" Ru0406S <P � Ru0455Ru0406 Ru0458ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R number Ru0491ReRu0457R "Ru0455Ru0458R � C, ReReV "With PI" Ru03BCRu0406Su0402R � P "Ru03BC Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC PI P � Ru0491R � Ru0405ReRe Ru045CR � C u2020 ReRu0455Ru0405R � P" Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Su0403Ru0455R Su0402R � u00B1 Ru0405ReSu040F Su0402R � F u00A4 u2020 Ru0405S ReRe. P-Ru0491Ru03BCSu0403Su040A Ru0457Su0402ReSu0403Su0453S, ft Ru0406Ru0455Ru0406R � P "Re Ru0491ReRu0457R" Ru0455Ru0458R � C, C <pep � 20 Ru0457Ru0455Su0403Ru0455R "Su040ASu0403S, PI, Su0403Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Re Ru0405ReS … From u20AC Ru03BCSu0403S, Su040A Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R" Ru0455Ru0406. PC, the PS P u00B1 C <P "P � u2021 Ru0455S Ru03BCRu0405Su040A ReRu0405S, Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0403Ru0405R � Su040F Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S" Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0405S u2020 ReSu040F, Ru0456Ru0491Ru03BC Su0403Ru0455R Su0402R � u00B1 R "ReSu0403Su040A Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Su0403S, P � Ru0406ReS, Ru03BCR" Re Su0403Ru03BCSu0402Su040AS'R � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 ReSu0403S, Ru03BCR u00B1 R "Res u20AC Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405S, P �, Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0458R Su0402Ru0456ReRu0405R � � P" C <Ru0405Ru03BC Su0402R Ru0491ReRu0454R � � P "C <. Ru0408S u2021 P � ft � F Ru0406Ru0455Ru0406R "Re Ru0457Ru0455R" PEC, ReRu0454Re, Su0403Ru03BCSu0402Su040ARu03BCR � Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405S <Ru03BC Ru0405R P � � P "of the Republic, ReRu0454Re, Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402S, C <u2021 Ru0457Su0402ReS S'Ru0458 Ru0491Ru03BCR number ft Ru0406Su0453Su040BS u2030 ReRu03BC, Ru0454R � Ru0454 Su0402R � F � PI Su0403R Ru0458Ru0455Ru0458 � F � Ru0455R "Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0406Ru0455R � Su0402R � ft Ru03BC. P Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455S u2021 C, D Su0453Ru0454R � F � C <Ru0406R � P "Re Ru0405R � � Ru0455Ru0457R Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A Re Ru0405Ru03BCRu0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Su0403Ru0454R � F � Su0453Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Su0403S, Su040A Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R" Ru03BCRu0491Su0403S, Ru0406ReR number Su0403Ru0455R Ru0491R � � � Ru0406R Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 PI Ru040EReSu0402ReRe Re Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0458 Su0402Ru03BCRu0456ReRu0455Ru0405Ru03BC In "Su0453Ru0457Su0402R � Ru0406R" Su040FRu03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 C … P � � The Ru0455Su0403R. " PC Re Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BC
Ru0491Su0403S, Ru0406ReSu040F Ru0455Su0403R" Ru0455R u00B6 Ru0405Su040FS, Ru0457Ru0455R "Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC P u2022 Ru0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457S <Re Ru0455S, Ru0405Su040BRu0491Su040A Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458Ru0455Ru0456Su0453S, Ru03BCR number Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCRu0455Ru0491Ru0455R" Ru03BCS, Su040A Su0403ReSu0403S, Ru03BCRu0458Ru0405S <P number Ru0454Su0402ReR � ReSu0403. R'Ru0455 Su0402R � F u00A4 u2020 Ru0405S ReRe ReSu0403R "P � � Ru0458Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0405R Su0403Ru03BCR" Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Ru03BCS,, Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2021 Ru0405Ru0455, Su0402R Ru0491ReRu0454R � � P "pep � ReSu0402Ru0455Ru0406R � C, Su040ASu0403Su040F. Ru045CRu0455 Ru0455S, Ru0454Su0402S <C, the PS Ru0491R � u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC Su0453Ru0457Ru0455Ru0458ReRu0405R � C, u00B1 Su040A Ru0455R Su040CS, Ru0455Ru0458 C, P � Cosmosblack Ru0405Ru03BC Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0458 Ru0457Ru0455R "PEC, Ru0454Ru0455Su0402Su0402Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru0405Ru0455, C, Ru0455R" Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Ru0405R � C, � F Ru0454Ru0455R number Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S "Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0405S u2020 u00B6 ReRe Ru0458Ru0455R Ru0405Ru0455 P u00B1 C <R" C u2021 With the PS, the PS-C, the PS Su0403Ru0454R � F � P � C, Su040A.

Ru045ER Ru0454 � C u2021 C, the PS Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC u00D0 u00B6 Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0455R � R � Su0402Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0406Ru0455 C "Su0402R � Ru0405S u2020 Su0453R � Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402S, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403Ru0455Ru0455R C u00B1 u2030 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BC Ru0458Ru03BCRu0405Su040FSu040BS, Su0403Su040F.

— P-Ru0405R � C u2021 Res,, Su0403Su0402Ru03BCRu0491Re C "Su0402R � Ru0405S u2020 Su0453R � Su0403Ru0454ReS … Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402S, Ru0455Ru0406 Re Su040CR" res, C <Ru03BCSu0403S, Su040A Ru0457Ru0455Ru0405ReRu0458R � Ru0405ReRu03BC, C u2021 C, the PS Su0453Su0403S, Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0454Re � F, C, P � Ru0454 Su0403Ru0454R � F � P � C, Su040A, Ru0406R � C u20AC ReRu0405Ru0456S, Ru0455Ru0405Su0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0455R Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458R � u00B1 ReRu0491Su0453S, Ru0406Su0402R � F � � Su0402Ru03BCR Su0403 Ru03BCRu0406Su0402Ru0455Ru0457Ru03BCR number Su0403Ru0454ReRu0458Re ReRu0405S, Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0403R � Ru0458Revu0402 |

— P u2022 ft Su040A Ru0491Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455R "Su040ARu0405Ru0455 With … res, Su0402R � Su040F Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405S u2020 u2020 Ru03BCRu0457S ReSu040F, Ru0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402R Su040F � C, � F Ru0454 PEP" Re ReRu0405R � C u2021 Ru03BC Ru0406Ru0455Ru0406R "Ru03BCRu0454R � Ru03BCS, restaurant … PI Ru0491R � Ru0405Ru0405S <P u2020 number Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S Ru03BCSu0403Su0403 Ru0457Su0402ReRu0406Su040FR D � C <Ru0406R � Ru03BCS,, PEP u00B1 the PS res … ReRu0405S, Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCSu0403S <Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402Ru03BCRu0457R "Ru03BCS, Ru03BCRu0405S <PI Ru0491Su0402Su0453Ru0456ReS … Ru0455R u00B1 P" P � ft Su040FS … Re Ru0491R � Ru0406R "Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC Ru0458Ru0455R u00B6 Ru03BCS, Ru0455Ru0454R � F � C <Ru0406R � C u00B1 R Su040ASu0403Su040F Re Ru03BCR � Ru0457Su0402Su040FRu0458S <C … Su0453Su0403S, P � Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Ru0454, Ru0454Ru0455Su0403Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455vu0402 | Ru0490Ru0455S, Su040F Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402S, C <Ru0457Ru0455 Su0402Ru03BCRu0456ReRu0455Ru0405Su0453, Ru0457Ru0455Ru0406S, Ru0455Su0402Su040B, Ru0455S u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Su040A Su0403Ru0454Ru03BCRu0457S, the Republic u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Re Ru0405R � ft Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405S <Ru0405Ru0455 Su040CS, Ryo Su0402R � ft ft u2030 ReRu03BC Ru0405R � ft Su0402Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F, Su0403Su0453Ru0491Su040F Ru0457Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405ReRu0458 Su0403Ru0455R u00B1 C <C, ReSu040FRu0458, Ru0405R � Su0402Ru03BCS u20AC Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F Ru0457Su0402Ru03BCR � ReRu0491Ru03BCRu0405S, F � F � u00A4 Su0402R Ru0405S u2020 ReRe Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0406R "ReSu040FSu040BS,. Ru045ER � � Ru0454R Su040F Su0403ReS, Su0453R ReSu040F � C u2020, u2021 Ru0454Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS Ru0405Ru0455, Ru0455S Ru03BCRu0405Su040A Ru0457Ru03BCS u2021 u2021 P � P "of the Republic,, Ru0457Ru0455S, Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 C u2021 C, the PS Su0453R Ru03BCR u00B6 u00B1 � Ru0491R Ru03BCS u20AC Su040ASu0403Su040F P" Res u20AC Ru0405ReR number Su0402R � F +: Ru0491Ru03BCRu0458Ru0455Ru0454Su0402R � C, ReSu040F P � P � C u20AC P "P � C u2021 Su0403Ru03BCR number Su0403 PI P � C, � F Ru0454Su0453Su040B ft Ru0491ReSu040B � F, � Ru0454Ru0455Ru0456Ru0491R Ru0457Ru0455R � Res u2020 ReSu040F Ru040ERu045AR, Ru0457Su0402R � Ru0406ReS, Ru03BCR "Su040ASu0403S, Ru0406R � Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402S u20AC Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0405Ru03BC Ru0455S, Su0402R � u00D0 u00B6 R � Su040BS, Ru0491Ru0455Ru0458ReRu0405ReSu0402Su0453Su040BS Su0453Su040B u2030 P" ReRu0405ReSu040B Ru0455R C u00B1 u2030 Ru03BCSu0403S, Ru0406Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456Ru0455 Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040F. PC, the PS P � P � ft � F Ru0406R "Su040FRu03BCS, Ru0406Ru0455Ru0455R C u2030 u00B1 R u00B1 Ru03BC Su0403 Ru0455R" Su040AS u20AC ReRu0458 Su0403Ru0454Ru03BCRu0457Su0403ReSu0403Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403Ru0458Ru0455S, Su0402Ru03BCS, Su040A Ru0405R � F u00B1 u2030 Su0453Ru0491Su0453S Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0458ReSu0402R �, Ru03BCSu0403R "Re Ru0458S <Ru0406Su0403Ru03BC Ru0405Ru03BC P � P � � Ru0491Su0453Ru0458R Ru03BCRu0458Su0403Su040F the PS-Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0454R � C, the PS Ru0455R u00B1 Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406R "Ru03BCRu0405ReRe Su0403ReSu0403S, Ru03BCRu0458S <u00E2 u20AC |

R u00A7 C, the PS Ru0491R � P "Su040AS u20AC Ru03BC? R'Ru03BCSu0403Su040A P'P "PEP u00B6 Ru0405ReR number R'Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Ru0454 Ru0405R � C u2021 Ru0405S'S, Su0402R � Su0403Su0403S <Ru0457R � C, Su040ASu0403Su040F, Ru040EReSu0402ReSu040B, Ru0405R � Ru0406Ru03BCSu0402Ru0405Ru0455Ru03BC, P u00B1 Su0453Ru0491Su0453S, Su0402R ft � u2021 P" Ru03BCRu0405Su040FS, Su040A, Ru0455S u2021 Ru03BCRu0405Su040A Ru0458Ru0405Ru0455Ru0456ReRu03BC Su040CRu0454Su0403Ru0457Ru03BCSu0402S, C <Ru0456Ru0455Ru0406Ru0455Su0402Su040FS, the PS C, P Ru0454Ru0455Ru0458 Ru0406R � � � Su0402ReR Ru0405S, Ru03BC. Ru0452 P � P � C, Ru03BCRu0458, Ru0454R � Ru0454 Ru0457Su0402Re Su040CS "C" Ru03BCRu0454S, Ru03BC Ru0491Ru0455Ru0458ReRu0405Ru0455, Ru0405R � C u2021 Ru0405S'S, Su0402R � F � Su0402Su0453S u20AC P � C, Su040ASu0403Su040F Ru0455Su0403S, P � P "Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru03BCvu0402 |


— Ru0490Ru0455S, Su040F Ru0406Su0403S'-C, P � Ru0454Re PI Su0403ReS, Su0453R � C u2020 ReRe Su0403 Ru040EReSu0402ReRu03BCR number Ru0458S <Ru0406ReRu0491ReRu0458 Ru0405Ru03BCRu0454Ru0455S, Ru0455Su0402Su0453Su040B P u00B1 Ru0455R "Ru03BCRu03BC Ru0457Ru0455R"
Ru0455R u00B6 res, Ru03BCR "Su040ARu0405Su0453Su040B Ru0491ReRu0405R Ru0458ReRu0454Su0453 � C, u2021 Ru03BCRu0458 Su0403 P> ReRu0406ReRu03BCR u2116. Ru040EReR "Su040ARu0405Ru03BCRu03BC Su0403Ru0455Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S, ReRu0406R" Ru03BCRu0405ReRu03BC PI ft Su0402R � Ru0405Ru03BC Re PI Ru0458ReSu0402Ru03BC, Ru0457Ru0455R � Res u2020 ReSu040F R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe Ru0491Su0402Su0453Ru0456R � Su040F.

— P "P �, Ru0406Ru0455 Ru0406Su0403Su040FRu0454Ru0455Ru0458 Su0403R" ft u2021 P � Ru03BC, PI Ru0455Su0403Ru0405Ru0455Ru0406Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458 P u00B1 P "P � � Ru0456Ru0455Ru0491R Su0402Su040F Ru0457Ru0455R � Res u2020 ReRe R Ru0455Su0403Su0403ReRe Ru0459ReS Fe, P � Su040F, Ru0457Ru0455Ru0454R � � Su0453Ru0491R C'C, Su0403Su040F P � R � u00B6 Ru0491Ru03BCSu0402R ReRu0406R � C, � Su040A Su0403R Ru0458Ru0455Ru03BC Ru0454R � C, � F ft Su0402Ru0455S "Res u2021 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0454Ru0455Ru03BC Su0402R � F � Ru0406ReS, ReRu03BC Su0403Ru0455R u00B1 C <C, PEP u2116. Ru045CR Su0403Ru0454Ru0455R � "� Su040ARu0454Ru0455 Su0453Ru0491R ft Su0403Su040F Ru0491R � P" Su040AS u20AC Ru03BC, Ru0458Ru0405Ru03BC C Su0402Su0453Ru0491Ru0405Ru0455 Su0403Su0453Ru0491ReS, Su040A. Ru0459Ru0455Ru0405Ru03BCS u2021 Ru0405Ru0455, P u00B1 Ru0455Su0402Ru0455S, Su040ASu0403Su040F Ru0405Su0453R u00B6 Ru0405Ru0455 Ru0491Ru0455 Ru0457Ru0455Su0403R "Ru03BCRu0491Ru0405Ru03BCRu0456Ru0455, the PS u00B1 PEP Ru040EReSu0402ReSu040F Su0403Ru03BCR number C u2021 P � Su0403 u00E2 u20AC" Su040CS, the PS C "Ru0455Su0402Ru0457Ru0455Su0403S, PI Ru0457Su0402Ru0455S, ReRu0406Ru0455Su0403S, Ru0455Su040FRu0405ReRe Su0453R u00B6 Ru03BC Su0403Ru0455Ru0406Su0403Ru03BCRu0458 P u00B1 Ru03BCSu0403Ru0457R � Su0402Ru0491Ru0455Ru0405Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 In "Ru0456R" Ru0455R u00B1 P � P "� Su040ARu0405Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Su0453Ru0457Su0402R Ru0406R" Ru03BCRu0405ReSu040BV "- C u2020 u2021 ReRu0405ReS Ru0405Ru0455Ru0458Su0453 Re Ru0455S, Ru0454Su0402S <C, the PS Ru0457Su0402ReR Ru03BCRu0456R � u00B1 u2030 Su040BS Ru03BCRu0458Su0453 Ru0454 Ru0406Ru0455Ru03BCRu0405Ru0405Ru0455R number Su0403ReR" Ru03BC.


R'Ru03BCSu0403Ru03BCRu0491Su0453 Ru0406Ru03BCR "Ru0452R" Ru03BCRu0454Su0403Ru03BCR number Ru045EReRu0458Ru0455S "Ru03BCRu03BCRu0406

Ru040ERu0457Ru03BCS PEP u2020 � P "Su040ARu0405Ru0455 Ru0491R" Su040F Ru040ES, Ru0455R "Ru03BCS, ReSu040F

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