Natalya Kaspersky has acquired 16.8% stake in the German antivirus software company G Data Software AG

Moscow, 15.10.2012. Natalya Kaspersky, which owns a holding company InfoWatch, acquired 16.8% stake in the German anti-virus company G Data Software AG. The shares were purchased from several former minority shareholders, particularly in Berlin venture capital firm. October 23 at the annual meeting of the shareholders of G Data Natalya Kaspersky will be elected to the board of the German company.


Co-founder of G Data Kai Figge: "I know Natalya Kaspersky since 1996. In addition, she distinguished personality, she is a carrier of the unique history of business success. I'm happy to get in the face of Natalia reliable, experienced and intelligent partner for your company. This can only dream of! "


Natalya Kaspersky — the motives of purchase"I was very pleased to receive an offer of Kai Figge to join the team G Data. For many years I have watched this company, and I think she deserves more international success, with a great software product that provides a high level of protection. For several years, G Data has made a major technological breakthrough. I was struck by the huge number of international awards received by the software products G Data. I believe that despite the enormous changes in the IT industry, the quality of virus detection by antivirus companies remains a priority measure.
As a member of the board of directors of the company G Data I will be engaged in strengthening the highest reputation in the international market, and also want to bring in business knowledge and experience in the antivirus industry. "
About G Data Software AG

G Data Software AG — Is an innovative and fast growing company, which is engaged in software development. The main focus of the company is to provide IT-security. More than 20 years ago, in 1985, a company which is a specialist in the field of Internet security and pioneer in the protection against viruses, developed the first antivirus program. In 2010, G Data Software celebrated its 25th birthday!
G Data is one of the first companies in the world, which began practicing security software. In the past five years, no security software maker in the world, except G Data, did not become the undisputed leader in numerous national and international tests and has not received so many awards as G Data!
About the group InfoWatch

Group InfoWatch combines several companies working in the field of information security: InfoWatch, Kribrum, EgoSecure, Appercut Security.

The product portfolio includes the SC InfoWatch solutions for large corporate customers: the flagship product for protection from leaks InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise, a cloud service monitoring of speech on the Internet — InfoWatch KRIBRUM and auditing solution for automated source code technology and business applications Appercut Custom Code Scanner. As well as solutions for small and medium-sized businesses: leakproof — InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Standard, a system to control all the devices in the corporate network InfoWatch EgoSecure.

Today InfoWatch is the leader of the Russian market of corporate information protection from leaks and to actively promote their solutions to the international markets of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The head office is located in Moscow, SC. 

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