Native Sergei Kovalenko fear for his health

Vitebsk opposition that the seventh day is under arrest on a hunger strike. So he protested against the unjust, in his opinion, arrests and convictions that are considered retaliation for political activity.

Today's relatives called the detention center and the attendant assured that the health complaints prisoner did not show.

Family decided to try again to send Sergey a drinking water: a mother, Lidia Kovalenko brought transfer last time, it was not accepted.

Relatives are very concerned about the state of his health, as an activist came to the detention center just three days after being discharged from the hospital.

Lidia Kovalenko said that Sergei chronically ill vegeta-vascular dystonia, which for Lately progressed. And the hospital the last time it was brought "ER" after, he lost consciousness. Mother worries that such heat, and also in the hunger strike, his health can deteriorate. It is not known whether Sergei Kovalenko continue his hunger strike after being released from the detention center. It will happen only on July 18 at 21:30.

Activist wife, Elena Kovalenko, said that already twice tried to hire the lawyer who would be able to see the prisoner, to tell about the state of his health and, perhaps, make a complaint to the circumstances of the detention. But lawyers for one another opposition refuse to do business, first agree, and then recall any other professional duties.

Recall: to address the police department Pershamaiski activist was detained on July 9 to 10 days. It is subject to disciplinary action for violation of the regime, as Sergei Kovalenko, was sentenced to imprisonment for three years of probation for hanging out a white-red-white flag on the city Christmas tree on January 7 and for disobeying police during his arrest.

Violation of the delay was the home: according to the rules of serving a conditional sentence, the convicted person must go home and not later than 21 hours. Mother activist Lidia Kovalenko said that the breach was caused: police tracked the return of Sergei and just would not let him in the road, until he reached the control time.

Thus, after criminal charges for the flag on the tree Sergei Kovalenko several times detained for administrative offenses. Three times, in his opinion, unfounded and proactively: he was detained for alleged foul language in public places before the large-scale celebrations — May 9, 3rd of July and now, on the eve of the opening of the "Slavonic Bazaar". The activist believes that thus police "fear" of its possible action with a white-red-white flags.

Relatives fear that the registered violations may result in a change of punishment for Sergei Kovalenko: instead of the conditional award he can "chemistry" or even imprisonment.



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