NATO era ends

Grins on stage and behind the scenes sighs — so it will look 20 November NATO summit in Lisbon. It seems to be angry nor denied it publicly European and South American politics, but the era of NATO ends. The war in Afghanistan has become a test for the alliance. If he can not fight a war in distant countries, it is not worth the money that is spent on it.

Suffer trouble in Afghanistan was much worse than in Iraq. In the 2nd case, you can blame everything on George Bush's irresponsible and incompetent Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon. But specifically, the European Left loudest sought to suspend by international intervention Puritans of Taliban who hate women and homosexuals were stoned.

But Europe has not passed its your check. The Europeans, for by some worthy exceptions, proved to be very shy and weak, so to beat, and when all of this is very not really know Afghanistan to help with the preparation of the local forces. From the standpoint of U.S. military aid was generally useless. In the coming years the South American troops withdraw from Afghanistan, but they do not come back on the old base in the road and inhospitable Europe, and go home — or on new missions in other countries.

Europeans are self-centered. They need other, more insightful to the Allies, the United States, and along with other war — the best are those who simply win. Because of these fantasies NATO 2010 was a recall matrimonial alliance, in which spouses spend a weekend apart, with any of their dreams, so that other party had more attention. Then follow separate bedrooms and bank accounts, and ultimately ill-fated wedding couple will only meet for breakfast, so little quarrel due to household expenses.

NATO has not only suffered misfortune as expeditionary alliance — that protect frail place in the European security structure, its bloated bureaucracies — civilian and military — are also more required. Staff at the Headquarters of the Supreme Allied Commander NATO in Europe and NATO Headquarters, maybe have not figured out yet prazdnichek already ended. Their comfortable lifestyle that has been preserved from the time of cool war goes down in history, it disintegrates and disappears as scattered and lost first 1990s are excellent and rich "military administration" of France, Britain and the United States in West Berlin. When the United States useful assistance, they turn to those European countries in which there are true fighters, ready to kill and breathe on outlandish wars. NATO to them it does not need.

Obviously, the United States will continue to care about the European safety — Kind of sentimentality, partly for the sake of precaution, and partly because their care as before Russia's relations to its former empire. But the range of problems that bind the United States to Europe will decrease. At the moment, Germany, not the U.S., imposing order on the Western Balkans, the Russian forces to press on the Bosnian Serbs, is mediating the talks between Greece and its nameless northern neighbor and tries to understand the Transnistrian turmoil.

The U.S. will continue to work with its European allies on the Late North and the Arctic. Because of oil and Israel, the United States will not leave the Eastern Mediterranean, and will keep an eye on the Black Sea (but to seek admission to NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia will not — deal with Russia is more important). Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland — are the only European countries that America — at a theoretical level — must be protected from Russia.

Accordingly, all assigned U.S. more values for Security Cooperation in the North and in the Baltic Sea (which was dedicated to the Summit, held last week in Washington, DC). For non SSCHA NATO Sweden and Finland mean much more, from the standpoint of maintaining regional stability and security than the majority of states, nominally considered members of the alliance.

Europe remains a place in which will be rolled South American missile defense. It will also provide logistical support missions zabugornom America — at least, I hope so — will retain a strong transatlantic diplomatic alliance with the United States in support of unpopular at the moment the mind — such as political freedom and the rule of law.

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