NATO has not used a transit center in Ulyanovsk

NATO never once failed to use transit cargoes from Afghanistan to Ulyanovsk, which was launched a year ago. The reason was dissatisfaction with the officials of the Alliance of inflated prices for services of Russian shipping companies. It is reported by "Kommersant" reported, citing sources in the framework of NATO.

One of the sources of the publication in the diplomatic circles of the country — member of the international coalition in Afghanistan, said that the cost of transporting a container through Termez Uzbekistan — 30 thousand euros, while a Ulyanovsk — 50 thousand euros.

The parties edition in government circles said that the project was originally conceived transit point as a commercial, in addition, this route is faster and safer than other ways of Afghanistan. Moscow is convinced that the Ulyanovsk as a transit center will be in demand.

NATO has asked the Russian authorities to consider the possibility of opening a transit center in Russia for the return transit from Afghanistan in 2011. At the beginning of 2012. Russia has provided for these purposes Airport East in Ulyanovsk, while insisting that the path through the Russian territory served only carriers of the Russian Federation.

Opening NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk has become one of the most visible results of Russia's cooperation with the organization. Note that against the opening of a transit point, which is often mistakenly called the "NATO base", regularly held meetings.

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