NATO has recognized the Osu

Tubeless gun "Wasp" and twenty samples of domestic weapons designed FNPC "Institute of Applied Chemistry", included in the corporation "Russian Technologies", included in the official catalog of non-lethal weapons (UPM) NATO. The decision was accepted by the committee DAT-11, specially created for this purpose in 2008. Best of the selected samples will include a purchase of the North Atlantic Alliance.

"States — members of the alliance can be put into service only the products included in this catalog, so for Russia, this means access to a new market", — said the head of the Foreign Economic Activity "Institute of Applied Chemistry" Artem Muranov.

During the time of the commission DAT-11, set up under the process of NATO's "defense against terrorism", held demonstrations in UNM countries — participants of the group. Russian developments were the best in two categories: non-lethal means to influence the accumulation of people and for the neutralization of individuals or groups. Of particular interest of experts called the complex "Wasp" with sound and light ammunition and traumatic.

 The complex non-lethal weapons "Wasp" includes quadruply or doubly tubeless gun and a wide range of special cartridges 18h45 with an aluminum hull and electric ignition. The complex is characterized by high reliability, ease of use and efficiency, and is intended for use by law enforcement officials, as well as for self-defense and personal protection of citizens from attacks, security in air transport, signaling and lighting area and signaling flares.

The pistol has four basic versions — 4SP-PB, PB-4-2, PB-4-1ml and PB2. Its body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Guns of all modifications equipped with an integrated laser sight.

Electronic trigger increases the reliability of the gun — there is no back and forth moving parts that can clog with dirt, faulty cartridges and so on. In the case of misfires gun automatically shoots the following serviceable cartridge, so do not need reloading.

Experts point out that the complex is the world's first weapon that uses a really effective nonlethal munitions with minimal risk of permanent injury to the attacker. At this time, negotiations on the supply of the complex "Wasp" in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Ireland.


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