Natural fiber

July 25, 2012 16:06

The more we pay attention to the nature around us, the more we find evidence of immutable truth, that all nature is created by the human mind is able to realize their living and non-living creatures over millions of years of existence.

Natural fiber

Strange is only the fact that our achievement is hardly short of the most primitive forms of living nature, when for us it seems to be almost the height of perfection.
A striking example of this is one of the most primitive subspecies of marine animals Euplectella aspergillum, belonging to the class of glass sponges. Those that does not get what or complex structure of organisms that spend their entire lives attached to the bottom and pumping through his pores seawater, containing the nutrients.

However, this fact does not, they have attracted the attention of researchers at Bell Labs, and the special structure of its skeleton, consisting of silicon dioxide, which forms an unusual "glass" design that looks similar to the recently known to us and fiber. The fact is that within the environment these organic beings create their own frame of the different layers of quartz glass, each of which is different in their optical capabilities. By themselves, they are collected in some skeletal lattice, gives strength to the whole structure. But the interest for the study is established scientists fact that such a skeletal structure is important not so much as the nature of the original design solutions, outwardly very attractive, but also as a means of communication within the body such as the transparency of the surrounding water is comparable characteristics of its nutritional value. The very mechanism of the original signal system, scientists have yet to learn, but in its exclusive functionality undoubtedly.

It is noteworthy that the glass sponges are known to mankind since ancient times and were seen not only as raw material for a variety of jewelry making and acquired its name, which is Latin sounds like a "basket of Venus." But only after the people themselves began to use the optical properties of glass as a means of communication, there was an understanding that sponges are not accidentally used to make such a structure. In fact, nature has once again shown its superiority over by his own child — the human brain.

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