Nekljaev urges presidential candidates to the Belarusian People's Assembly

Leader of the "Tell the Truth" Nyaklyayeu not yet decided on its participation in the presidential election campaign as a candidate for the post of head of state. This he said in an interview today with "Freedom."

Nyaklyayeu said, "Freedom", which he will announce his decision only after the official start of the election campaign:

"As a candidate for president Nekljaev will step in if it will be announced that presidential elections will be held, and named their term. Meantime, I do not know where and who stands out."

Reports of some media that he allegedly Nekljaev announced its participation in the presidential campaign, the leader of the "Tell the Truth" refers to error.

"I said that I was going to alternate delegates Belarusian People's Assembly. This is what I said yesterday. On presidency in general, there was no question."

Nyaklyayeu says that the details of the participation of Belarusian People's Assembly will be discussed, and encourages potential presidential candidates to join the event:

"This idea arose spontaneously, come into my head. And we will have to discuss the details. I think we will collect signatures for those people, who want to see the delegates of the meeting. And take them to the organizer, I think the President's Administration. And let's see what comes of it? If the people's delegates to the national assembly will not want to take, then we ask, what is this meeting?

It raises a lot of options. For example, why is all the presidential candidates do not try to become delegates to the national assembly? How would it hurt? That would have seen them all. And if they are made to speak. And where else but on the Belarusian People's Assembly, to speak with the program — under the current President, with the best people of the country? It's beautiful? Beautiful! "

Mikhalevich, which has already announced its intention to be a candidate for president on the Belarusian People's Assembly is not going to:


"I'm always happy to participate in those events where I understand the order of representation and legitimacy of the participants, decision-makers. Regarding the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, I absolutely do not understand how there is delegated to people. And I see this event as a mass gathering in support of the incumbent.

As well, for example, I can gather as many of his supporters. Just do not let me do it Palace of the Republic. So personally, I do not want to participate in this meeting. I believe that this meeting with the specific purpose to which they are assigned only to people who support the current president. "

In 2006, presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin also tried to go to the All-Belarusian People's Assembly. But he was severely beaten and detained by the security forces. Together with the politician then hit several members of his campaign staff.


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