New armored vehicles «The Shot» for anti-terror units

New armored vehicles
Dynamics of auto technology in recent years RVSN update ensures all cars park strategic missile. In 2013, a substantial increase in scheduled deliveries of new car technology to the military units of Strategic Missile Forces mission. In the past year, the Strategic Missile Forces have received more than 130 cars and UAZ KAMAZ. So Makar, auto equipment supply plan implemented by 100%
Brand new equipment is mainly supplied to all rearm missile divisions. Antiterrorist unit of the Strategic Missile Forces divisions equipped with armored vehicles «KamAZ-43269» («Shot»).

In order to strengthen the combat readiness of the Strategic Missile Forces and military units in 2013 scheduled delivery of more than 100 vehicles. Of them make up the vast majority of cars, KAMAZ-53501 — 50 units with 3 driving axles and permeability, respectively.

The rest of equipment is — UAZ-3962, fire cars, passenger coaches, freight cars, Tow Truck, mobile garages. In addition planning to upgrade more than 20 units of auto technology RVSN KAMAZ-4310.

In the process of modernization will be greatly increased the capacity of the motor system is transformed boxes that give the car a higher throughput and reliability in the most demanding criteria of the military operation.

Within those. observations with experts companies in the industry will be held the maintenance and repairing military equipment cars.

Combat auto equipment is considered the primary means of providing flexibility and mobility of troops, weapons and samples mounted on a wheeled chassis — more than 95% of terrestrial mobile weapons and military equipment SRF.

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