New fuel tank galactic

The other day, he found a new, huge galactic fuel tank, which is used to create new planets.

Scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the American Space Agency (NASA) found warehouse space interstellar gas, which is used for the formation of new stars in galaxies.

The new discovery was made using the orbital observatory "Herschel". With this powerful telescope, the scientists were able to discover in our own galaxy, a huge reservoir of invisible gas, mostly hydrogen. However, apart from hydrogen are present and other impurities of unknown gases.

"It's just a huge reservoir of additional stellar fuel that will form new stars. It extends closer to the center of our galaxy, "- said George Pineda (Jorge Pineda) of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA).

Previously, scientists have underestimated the scope and size of the fuel tanks star, but after the discovery of a new giant star cluster gas, changed their attitude to these vitally important for the structures of galaxies and the universe.



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