New kidneys from stem cells, a mouse!

Italian scientists were able to grow a "kidney in vitro". Modern doctors were able to conquer a new height of Transplantation. Italian scientists have grown in the laboratory and transplanted kidneys of laboratory mice. Results of examination of mice after transplantation showed that new tissue kidneys work successfully.

This gives hope that soon the lists of patients awaiting kidney transplants are to be reduced.

Italian scholar of Greek origin Hristodulus Ksinaris working at the Institute of Pharmacology. Mario Negri grown buds from embryonic stem cells of mice. Why were first created special organelles that consist of nephrons — the main parts of the kidney.

Thereafter, while the organelles are in solution endothelial angiogenic growth factor. This allowed the scientists to grow new blood vessels. Get an education were transplanted kidneys of mice. In addition animals were growth factor. As a result of their body formed glomeruli, in which the blood comes into contact with nephrons, to thereby clean it.

Efficiency grown kidney was tested by introducing into mice labeled albumin proteins. New buds adequately filtered out of the blood proteins, behaving like real.

Scientists have managed to create a full-functioning renal tissue from individual cells. Today, researchers are working on a compound channel of kidney to the bladder. Also in their plan to create a similar method of artificial liver.



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