New, snow, hurricane in the U.S. in a week!

Forecasters are warning that a new storm could strike the East Coast of the U.S. next week. With such a forecast made on Thursday, the National Weather Service experts of the country.

The new storm will not be as devastating as "Sandy", but did not bring with it showers and snow, forecasters noted.

Hurricane "Sandy" in the United States claimed the lives of 88 people. Just a result of the disaster killed 157 people: 67 — in the Caribbean and two in Canada. At the moment, most victims of the hurricane in the U.S. accounts for the State of New York — 37 people.
Without electricity are still nearly 5 million people in the country, including 500 thousand — in New York City.

The U.S. government has allocated more than 3.4 million dollars to help the victims of hurricane "Sandy" the residents of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.


Will it or not — we'll see. The main thing is that this time chose the name "kinder" for a hurricane, and then: FRANKESHTORM. That's got. And with Katrina, which swept not long ago at all overdone:
KATRINA — CAT — Executioner, P — destruction, IN — on the ground
It would be better numbers were given, but avoided 13 and 8 round.


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