New virus for Europeans. A gift from Qatar!

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization announced that a British hospital in critical condition is a citizen of Qatar who was found a mysterious virus.

[Gregory Hartl, WHO Representative]
"This is a coronavirus, a new coronavirus. This is the virus that causes pneumonia and kidney failure fast enough. We do not know how many cases already are, as in the health system report only the most severe cases. We already have three dangerous case. "

The same virus a few days earlier was found in the British, who also is in a critical condition. Previously, he was in Saudi Arabia, where he died from similar symptoms one person.

[Gregory Hartl, WHO Representative]
"We do not know how many people would kill the virus, or whether he only appears for a while and then disappear. We do not even know how it is transmitted, from person to person or from animal to person. That is, until we know the answers to these questions, we can not say how it will be widespread and deadly. "

Scientists believe that this mutated virus of atypical pneumonia, from which the epidemic in China in 2002-2003, killing thousands of people.



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