New Zealand. Fiordland

In New Zealand you can find truly amazing and quite extraordinary places. One of them is the magnificent park Fiordland, which invariably attracts thousands of tourists. It is located on a vast territory in 1200000ga, where there are ancient forests on the planet.

Back in the prehistoric period covered the whole of Fiordland incredible size glacier. It was unusual, he formed the gorge in the mountains of this area, and picturesque bays that are found here in abundance. It seems that no one came to the ground of the reserve. The fact is that here it is difficult to find a place for a permanent life. Unusual in these forests is also a great neighborhood with a mountain glacier. The sight is very beautiful. After the ice surrounded everywhere fragrant laurel, mysterious southern beech myrtle and peaceful.

A myriad of lakes situated in the mountains of Fiordland. The deepest is Uaikatipu, which stretches for 100km and even got a beautiful name "Heart of the South Island." According to one legend at the bottom of this reservoir is living heart of a giant. The National Park is amazing and unprecedented live animals. Nowhere else in the world can not meet them. At the same time for his own life no traveler can not help worrying. After all, there is no large predators or poisonous creatures.


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