New Zealand. Waitomo caves or cave Siyaschie

Waitomo Caves (Waitomo Caves) and their wonderful world — is the work of nature for the past 2 million years. This mountain range is located in New Zealand and is one name from a nearby village, just 12 km from Te Kuiti, where tourists love to visit. The population of this small community is small, and based its mass is constantly active in the caves.

The distinguishing feature that attracts travelers and tourists in the caves in their natural lighting, which is due to multi-million dollar community fireflies. Those who have lived for centuries in these places, the population served before Maori guide through the mysterious caves, but today it was replaced by numerous organizations that foster the development of regional infrastructure.

Allocation of responsibilities for the territory of caves strict between the companies. Thus, some of them are engaged in the provision of services on a visit easily accessible routes in caves, while others wait for extreme enthusiasts to visit remote areas. One way or another, but every year wanting to come to this amazing place is becoming more and hence the opportunity to see this miracle with my own eyes too.



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