Night date with the Leonids. Do not miss out!

November 17 at 09:30, Moscow time, the Leonid meteor shower peaked action. Hourly dark sky can rascherchivat thousand (!) White meteors. Leonids? very fast meteors (71 km / s), burning up in the atmosphere, they leave a bright glowing trail.

November 19, 2002, Quebec, Canada © Simon Filiatraut |
Experts point out that the best conditions for observations come in the second half of the night. However, the most beautiful evening meteors are considered rare.
Ancestor of a meteor shower is Comet 55 / P Tempel — Tuttle. In 1998, tailed wanderer passed perihelion and is now moving to the outer limits of the solar system. Her return is expected only in 2031.

November 7, 2012, Central Australia © Joyce van Dijk |
During periods of activity (1999, 2001). Leonids bombard the Earth's atmosphere with the intensity of 3,000 per hour. The last time a powerful meteor rain occurred in 1966, when every hour flashed to 150 000 meteors.

November 17, 2012, Sonsonate, El Salvador © Nubia Rivas |
According to the theory, the activity of the "star Rain" should be gradually reduced to 15 meteors per hour. But we should not forget that even well-studied meteor showers surprises.

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