Nizhny Novgorod healer to stand trial as a panacea for all ills




In Nizhny Novgorod to court a criminal case against the head of the medical center, "Brandt" Igor Brandt. The center was opened four years ago, a graduate of the Alma-Ata Medical Institute. Appeared on local television commercials, which focuses on applied at the center of a miraculous method of "quantum therapy."

Those who wish to recover from almost any disease suggested a course of treatment with the use of "biological unit" and a special zone for the body and neck. These devices, according to the investigation were made artisanal and did not have a curative effect. The defendant did not have any of this invention patents. The cost of "healing" sessions ranged from 600 to 3 thousand. Investigators believe in attracting customers Nizhny Novgorod "healer" helped "promoted" to a federal TV channels the brand "Dr. Brand."

Sergey Anisimov


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