No money. Banks curtail lending programs

Lack of working capital makes commercial banks to curtail lending program. So, with the filing of Alexander Lukashenko terminated preferential program — under 5% — loans for housing. Also, banks refuse credit to purchase new and used vehicles. Very few banks still provide the means for consumer products, but this service is uneconomical.

On the eve of Alexander Lukashenko said that the Belarusians should solve the housing problem and ordered to substantially limit the issuance of loans under preferential construction. Minsk City Council has already taken a decision similar to the orders are expected in other regions of Belarus. In practice, this means that the majority of those in need in the apartment, deprived of such opportunities: with the current economic situation is unrealistic to collect the necessary sum to share — not to mention the commercial — construction.

Economist Ivan Antashkevich convinced from the steps of the authorities, who are forced to submit to the banking institutions, the first to suffer the poorest. Those who built houses and flats for resale, will invest in real estate and in the future:

"Well, and what they have achieved these steps? Worse is only the poor. Would let some flow going, any possibility remained credited as well

internal dissent, of course, will be a significant …

will return to the previous problem. However, this does not prevent people with money to build himself another apartment — the second, third, fourth. In the end, no threat to the investment climate is not in danger, and I do not think it will cause a storm of anger will pass a particularly noticeable in the community. No one will be angry — at least publicly. But internal discontent, of course, would be significant ".

Also, most banks curtail lending program for the purchase of vehicles. It is worth recalling that it was supplying motorists with Alexander Lukashenko officials began to blame the foreign exchange deficit, saying that in the desire to buy a car before July 1, when will be new duties, the people took of the exchange points in dollars and euros.

Take the money on car at interest in the currency can not be on the start of the financial crisis. Denominated loans grows every month such amounts that the demand for their modest even in the face of devaluation. For example, the loan rate for used cars over 30%, but there is no guarantee that the application will satisfy even under such conditions. In addition, says in the automotive industry analyst Olga Kanashits, is determined by the possibility of financing from official dealers who were working under contracts with the banks:

"Basically, authorized dealers have not so much. And for those who

these measures will lead to losses in the economy …

work officially, it was worth making an exception for some. Because the money in any event wrapped, and for a long time. They all could be unused in the back. But with a car loan they go into the bank, they're cool, make a profit. And most importantly, they stay in the country for quite a long time. Therefore, I believe that these measures will lead to losses in the economy. We must all look the same and leave the most logical exception. "

To minimize the possibility of reduced lending for the purchase of consumer goods. One of the Minsk bankers recognizes that there is no interest in throwing money at such an uncertain situation. On He said, Until recently, banks will hold in store not only the currency, and even the ruble, when the opportunity to play at the following rates:

"The forecast nobody has seriously engaged. Everybody is trying to

Everyone is trying in any way to accumulate some money, waiting for the minimum peak of the fall of the ruble …

any way to accumulate some money, waiting for the minimum peak of the fall of the ruble to the first chance to invest immediately, then play on the rise and so on That is, who has the money is there, they just keep them, do not give, trying to catch the moment — "minimorum" as they say in our circles. In order to this time most beneficial to meet with its reserves. "

However, the rapidly increasing volume of accounts zapazychynastsi to banks. On the one hand, individuals who once took foreign currency loans, do not have the capacity to pay interest in dollars or euros — currencies not in the free market for three months. Take in ruble terms banks often refuse.

On the other hand, increasing the size of the delay of payments from businesses that the financial deficit sharply limited their activities. According to the National Statistics Committee, payable on May 1, has exceeded 66 trillion rubles, an increase over the same period last year — by 38%.

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