Noahs Ark Dutchman Johan Huibers

Some are afraid of simple things: lightning, falling bricks on his head, falling to the ice. But there are people who are haunted by the idea that the end of the world is imminent. Whether it's a nuclear bomb, or the world then. For those who have the money to build bunkers, well, or "Noah's Ark". This is what Dutchman Johan Huibers, and now it is a large-scale attraction. Well, not until the flood begins.

The creator of absolute copy of the legendary ship, Johan Huibers, from an early age and was afraid of the flood had dreams about how huge waves reverberate in the Netherlands and will wash it from the face of the planet. He later claimed that his dreams were confirmed by numerous signs from above. Then Hyuers decided to build his ark. However, his work is not designed to rescue people from a global flood, but for the Dutchman, he is a kind of symbol of faith, reports

Dimensions were taken from those referred to in the Bible, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high and 300 cubits in length, which is 30 meters wide, 20 meters high and 135 meters long.

Noah's Ark was built of gopher wood is very rare, so the wizard had to do a little differently: the body of the ship he fashioned from parts of several metal barges, and trim made of Scandinavian pine wood. The total cost is estimated at Ark 1,600,000 dollars.

The first thing on earth rescue vessel has four decks, the length of a football field and even their own wooden fauna.



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