Nobel laureate — for freedom Neklyaeva

About a hundred poets, writers and artists from around the world have signed a letter of solidarity with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and called on the authorities of Belarus to immediately release the poet, according to Polish Radio abroad. Among the signatories of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Wislawa Szymborska.

"We declare our support for Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and his friends. We stand on the square with them. It may seem strange to our unity

We would like to add my voice to his voice

a strong belief that there are things more important than politics or law. But we say that the life of the poet, the poet freedom is more important than the timing requirements of this historic moment. Nyaklyayeu gave his voice, the voice of the poet, for those in Belarus, who dreams of a better life, who want more choice and more freedom. And we would like to add my voice to his voice.

We call on the Government of Belarus and to the High Court to make Vladimir Neklyaeva, give him the freedom to write and create. He has something to replenish the treasury of the Belarusian culture, "- said in the letter, which was signed by Wislawa Szymborska, Egidius Aleksandravičius, Timothy Garton Ash, Adonis, Jane Hirshfild, Hatsif Zhanabil, Andrew Khadanovich, Julia Hartwig, Jerzy Ilgen, Teresa hair, Tomas Ruzhytski, Henrik Vaznyakovski, Ryszard Krinitsky, Krzysztof Chizhevsky Oleg Lysheha, Bogdan Toshev, Marek Zaleski and others.

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