Nostradamus and his prophecies for 2012.

Since ancient times, oracles, prophets and soothsayers have influenced people's lives and in society, in good times they are not remembered, but in all the troubled times of the people and the rulers turned to them, piously believing all their prophecies. Without astrologers and soothsayers even in Catholic Europe did not start the war, were not concluded a wedding, do not sign a peace treaty, any more or less important event had to pick a good date.

Among all the prophecies for centuries the world excite the prophecies of Nostradamus — French scientist and prophet, known by the name of Michel de Notre Dame. Is the prophecy made in the first half of the XVI century, are so important to so far, that they are studied more carefully than the biblical book of the apocalypse? Apparently, yes, because most of the prophecies of Nostradamus, made back in the late Middle Ages, and important for our day, opening light possible events near future.

The Prophecies of Nostradamus for 2012.

Two meanings: funeral and wedding imagined
War lulls and holiday leave,
Lady, people, Satan is almost bound,
Testament accepted by all and everyone talked to him.


Prophetic Voice descendant of the other,
Cause the sea fury patient
The word lives off cap on the thief,
Heads run through the open sea.


Faith was — hence, be the hope
And evil destroys evil, killing, as before,
Who right listened to — forget about the mountain,
The princes among themselves have long been at odds.


Sometimes people — empty creations,
But began assault on the border of consciousness,
Someone will read the Epistle and howl,
The other, in the Prophecy — Miracle will open.


Power of Love will later LADY,
Get away from fame, the noise and din,
Great Herald does not want the throne,
Threats to people of power will not make Him.


Ancient exalted, Unions, fun,
The enemy is the same — not sleeping potion brews dead,
A tricky rumor or gossip starts,
Light of Heaven the evil is destroyed.

Nostradamus, or Michel de Notre Dame, was the only one of the predictors of prophecy is coming true year after year, although many skeptics criticize this outstanding scientist and prophet, and any resemblance to the encrypted form of poetic prophecies of Nostradamus with real historical events forced to think even people far from belief in mysticism and not prone to superstition. In his prophecies guessed hint of important historical events that shook the whole of Europe is centuries after the death of the great Frenchman — and the massacre of St. Bartholomew, and the scientific and technological revolution and the execution of many French monarchs, and the various wars in Europe and the fall before the mighty Persia. Michel de Notre Dame was predicted, and revolution in France in 1792, bled the nation and the coming to power of Napoleon Bonaparte, his foray into the territory of the Russian Empire and the subsequent defeat.

Generates interest and encrypted information, the predictor Nostradamuskotoraya reminiscent of Hitler's birth and his coming to power, the Holocaust, and the formation and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union. Other predictors of medieval in their prophecies did not come so far, and only Nostradamus wrote about the events that must occur in the third millennium. The world is agog Mayan prophecies about the possible end of the world in 2012. But can you find the answer to this question in the prophecies of Nostradamus? Well, yes and no, is relatively easy to decipher the lyrics related to the past, the future is veiled, and the prophecy can be interpreted in two ways. As, however, and the predictions of Vanga.

In the prophecies of Nostradamus mentions war, disease, pestilence, earthquakes and natural disasters that are already happening all over the planet. Probably. These events took place hundreds of years ago, but then the information was not available to his contemporaries, who lived in other countries because of the remoteness, and now we find out the news on the same day and hour through satellite television and the Internet. But, while Michel de Notre Dame and predicts great catastrophe and death of four billion people, long merciless war, he notes that life does not end, and for the revival of the disaster will follow.

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