Notes of a psychic

April 17, 2012 8:49

Subtle World supermarket.



Above … glass sliding doors hung essence, like a jellyfish. Its tentacles writhing plaits fell down, touching the heads of people took place. Interested in an elderly man in a classic coat. Elongated tentacles, grabbed it, the subtle energy whip pierced his heart chakra, and took a bright energetic bunch — these are obviously fed.

The man staggered and grabbed his hand to his chest. I did not touch the essence and, having drawn tentacles easily passed forward.

In the hall, the ceiling, taking foreseeable space, dark heaving body weight. She did not choose the victim, and the "pile on" to each, including in the energy just above the top of the head — and most come here immediately turned into puppets.

On the walls of sticky energy debris lurking pair of skates. You know who the Rays? Resemble stingray or a bat. Aural these parasites can often be found on the Energy sick person. Ramp as if glued to the back, and his long, thin "tail" penetrates the energy channels, causing severe organic and psychiatric disorders. Some species are able to control the nervous system, so they are used voodoo sorcerers. Small size, they are attached to the back of the upper neck at the base of the skull, leaving a "tail" to the brain … So much for "sweet couple" feels the thin space spiked tails. Suddenly one fell off the wall and fell on the neck of a young girl … but quickly backed away from her and began to rush wildly around the room. I assume that she was wearing a protective amulet. Then suddenly dived on the back in front of a rolling carriage with baby moms …
Alas, this is not the plot of a horror movie — as a psychic eye looks normal supermarket. Often, staff or comes psychic specifically "to train" subtle inhabitants so that they forced people to buy, buy, buy … Special design energy-literally breaks the human consciousness, making it prone to these "shopaholics."

Head over to one of the grocery stores. Many small parasites subtle energy-thick debris cover shelves with products. Use them unhealthy.

Another store. Energy severe, long-Shelled. See knotweed — the entity that throws around "disputes", infecting people. Similar, but controlled knotweed, by the way, often can be seen during election campaigns …

Third. At the entrance is quite professional "thing" for "inviting" customers — so quietly suggests: "Do not go?" Near many disparate pavilions, where essentially feel quite at ease, jumping and attacking the incoming and outgoing.

In the following more serious. It seems that even a billboard "vicious" and a huge energy-Parazitische tough "eats" and zombiruet buyers. It is very difficult to resist. You are given a card shop and egregore "shakes" you even at home.

And here is clean, bright energy, full of positive design space and constantly cleans them from the negative. Owners clearly care not only about profit, but about energy-security users. Is rare.

Demons and apartment

Approached me with a request to a woman's relatives to find out what evil forces forced her to sell the two-bedroom apartment in the city center.
Forty years of solitary Olga began attending prayer meetings of the religious community.

A few months later she started seeing and heard non-existent voices, on the heels of it went "demons", reminiscent of the alleged sins committed.

For the remission of sins pastor told her to cut her hair short and dyed a bright red color, which Olga performed than others has led to a state of shock.

Take action to make the absurd — a favorite method of Hypnotists to confirm their influence.

Soon, over the door home of Olga, an inscription "Caution! The apartment is guarded by angels! ".

Then, on the advice of the pastor, she sold the apartment and the redemption gave him all the money, and she moved to live in a shed in the country. In the end, the pastor left with the money, Olga with demons, and relatives with a "headache" …

My story

That night at a friend's birthday. We congratulated, drinking, something discussed. Suddenly, I felt the presence of unfamiliar forces. Someone openly and blatantly looked me in fine-material level, and breaking defense, struck in the solar plexus. Consciousness separated from the physical body, and I saw his attacker. Outwardly, he was like a huge, standing on its hind legs bear. A large, covered with a dark substance swirling body ended with two thick necks and small heads roundnose dog.

Breaking the space huge paws, a stranger approached me in circles …

If you want to survive in the astral combat with a strong opponent, it is important to understand who he is, why and what attacked. With spirits can be negotiable entities — to frighten, but to a man … I was horrified to realize that if he lose in the astral plane, you'll die in the physical world — the heart stops beating. Or stumble out of the blue.

To continue the fight, it was necessary to withdraw completely to the astral level, that is faint.

Usually, I could do it at will, but not now: part of my subtle channels have been blocked. I poured a full glass of vodka and drank. After the third glass began to "turn off".

The realization was like a bright flash. I threw the dog-biting bunch of energy, I tried to include a protective symbol. The magic did not work. Go to other levels of the astral plane also failed. Thought: it is not a real person, and started up on my trail "predator." In subtle plans are essentially resemble wolves or large dogs. Apparently, I "crossed the road" is very strong magician.

Dog-paw grabbed me by the throat … The end? What should I do? I've turned into a pillar of strength and conscious of being different being. And dog-scared, ran away, and I hit him in the back, make a hole through it. I still do not know how I did it. Dog-disappeared …

On the throne

She closed her eyes … and I loaded it into the memory of past lives. She became aware of a 12-year-old boy, thin and frail. He was lying on the table, unable to move, and some people it wraps strips of fabric. Tissue strongly squeezed his head and lay down when the face, the boy turned off the consciousness …

Jerks awake — it is unwound. Sounds of strings and monotone mantras.

Track length of red material leads to the elevation on which stands the throne. In two series of subjects boy went up to him and sat down. On the shoulders threw long claret robe, and put a dish of fruit. The boy felt the force of his body fills. He saw the fine-material world, unable to communicate with the spirits, and was privy to many of the mysteries of the universe.

With this woman, I spent about twenty such sessions, after which she discovered the ability of clairvoyance, magic, and the effect on people and situations. In the depths of her subconscious hidden mass of unusual and very useful information …

Titans and other stones

Cave in Southern Elephant Pass Gentoo in the North Caucasus mountains or visit the cavers, or mysticism, studying the place of the great concentration of power. The whole cave is covered with excrescences and intricate columns of stalactites and stalagmites, near the same — completely flat floor and a domed ceiling. On the wall is not made by the face, created patches of rock. There is also an altar — a large rock in the recesses of which, if light candles, light and shadow repeats the face on the wall. In the local language, "Gentoo" means "Mountain of the Spirits."

Almost every year we go to Dzhentinskoe Place of Power, to work in the Temple and to newcomers on the rocks Titans.

In the old days, they say, when the gods fought the Titans, here unfolded one of the decisive battles. Titans lose. And were placed under the ground. Two titanium Rus and Boreas — just in the vicinity of the modern mountain Gentoo. That they are not able to free themselves, the gods have put six stones. They say that when they fall out of four, will weaken the magical power, and the Titans come to the surface to re-start the match with the gods. Two stones have fallen. The rest can give a person an amazing magical and psychic abilities …

Dzhentinskoe Place of Power, in fact — a few large energy flows. For beginners particularly impressed by meditation deck on the top of the canyon. Imagine you are standing on the precipice and feel extraordinary, rising from the bottom of the Force. Usually you only see the flow of energy, and I was surprised of the 13, five members of the expedition saw the canyon city — it is not open to all and not always. I myself found it 10 years ago. Unique city in that it is not located on the mental and the astral level, sometimes it can be seen even an ordinary person. Almost all wooden — cabins, cottages with gabled roofs, people who are willing to communicate with those who see them …

In other places of power to get more complicated. On the first sunny day they decided to visit one of the stones of the Titans. About four hours to wade through fallen trees, boulders, fallen trees. Oleg, who suddenly began to see nature spirits, photographing trees dryads. Came across many unique.

All was well until we got up to the point of perception, "broadcast" rune stone. He himself was far away, on the opposite side of the mountain, but to "enter" it can only be the place. The rune stone is compared to a spotlight, under the beam which begins to receive information.

Feed felt almost physically. Andrew from Samara so came into contact with the stone, that 15 minutes was able to enter directly into the whole system of "six stones of the Titans".

While we look to the rune stone, he looked at us. And some people could not stand it … Not everyone admits to force their palaces.

This time she took a dislike to the group members joined the Rosicrucian Order. There were two: a tall, physically strong man of former athletes and weightlifters fragile pale girl. When Rune Stone looked into the soul of a girl, she became hysterical to the point of temporary insanity. She began to feel that now come agricultural and all will be lost.

Hour and a half we felt spurting out of the ground energy geysers. Now objects Subtle World began to see even Muscovite Alexander, who previously did not have this ability. Svetlana from Rostov first found "mark of the Spirit", where the stone is clearly readable print three-fingered hands. But spirits are always three-toed … If you put your hand on a stamp, automatically starts out in the subtle worlds. Alexis from Rostov-on-Don has got power to the uppermost point of the mountain. Bottom felt his energy is like a part of the majestic passing into the sky luminous column.

Evening star in the sky above our heads there was a small cluster of light. Not a star or the lights of aircraft — the object was moving in a strange zig-zag path, became brighter and more, in 15 minutes disappeared behind the trees, and then back again.

From the entrance of the cave has a highly concentrated flow of energy — the energy comes out of the earth. In a more accessible place here would definitely build a church. One theory is that such places — the acupuncture points of the energy body of the planet.

The energy of the cave is explicitly magical connotation. First descent we did tryouts. Looked like the entrance, entered the hall, Ali Baba, meditated. One of us Spirit Cave appeared in the form of dark creatures with huge fire burning eyes. As a result of the panic had to withdraw the entire group, then go down again.

First, we have stepped up "altar" — a huge stone, shape resembles the head of a giant. We turned off the lights and in the flickering candlelight ten minutes looking at the physical image of the Spirit of the cave. Then plunged into total darkness. In a cave with no light Subtle World is visible and accessible, and we began to approach dozens of diverse creatures. They are friendly touch us — and left a bustling, disharmony …

Spirit Cave evening talking to us through the mouth of one of the participants and through watching what happens on the surface. Midnight all asked a variety of questions, and the Spirit answered. Sight, I must say, impressive. Especially when you consider that prior to our descent into the cave "contactee" had little idea about perfume.

In my spare time I showed some fellow yoga exercises cold to open the solar plexus and the "twisting" of the situation with the two knives. Cold Yoga or military — it's magic with knives. Best exercise turned to Alexander — he not only did well the whole complex, but also accurately described the sensation that I deliberately omitted. Soon after, he took part in an experiment to realize his past reincarnations. Alexander saw himself among the ancient Slavs and, deep in the past, a few minutes to live life the ancient Rusich.

Psychic in Egypt

Airport … pleasantly surprised by the absence of astral entities — as opposed to ours, where the clouds assailed energy vampires and other debris. Did not have it in the hotel in Hurghada, where we lived. This clearly felt the psychic work. It turns out that the Egyptians care not only about the physical comfort of tourists …

At night, the spirit came and literally have registered. Figured out a long time goal of coming and warned us not to use their skills here.
Appearance among tourists psychic obviously not going unnoticed. They do things differently: to thin the World are taken seriously and respectfully, and any, even unconscious, magical effect on the site severely suppressed. "Colleagues" we calculated easily — it was an old Arab with severe prickly eyes, something like a manager. He was everywhere, and tried to keep us on the line of sight.

From there we headed to Luxor, the former capital of ancient Egypt Thebes. On the way, near the city of Safaga in the desert saw a huge rock tied to a dodgy spell demon. Entangled network of fiery characters immense dark animal weight — not a sight for the faint of heart … demon possessed inconceivable force, perhaps, was in prison since the construction of the pyramids. He tried to escape, and, like a dog chain, reaching out to passers-buses.

Karnak temple, the purpose of our journey is in two and a half miles north of Luxor. Once it was located the largest in the ancient world, the great temple of the god Amun, the main sanctuary of the state. Now here the well-preserved ruins, crumbling statues of the gods, remains of walls, leaving in the sky column, a maze of rooms, corridors and passages … And in the astral see clear figures of the ancient spirits of the priests carrying the colored bowls slaves, and above them in the columns of the living and non-living carefully peering High Priest … head and shoulders above us, in red flowing robes with gold trim and without a physical body, it looks majestic and impressive Force. Modern priests are afraid of him. The temple is still in effect!

For perceiving subtle-material human world travel to Egypt very informative and useful. Just be sure to "register" in the local community conscious spirits …

Author: Andrew policeman

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