Nuclear bragging Dmitry Medvedev (The National Interest, U.S.)

Someone should recommend Dmitry Medvedev to be restrained. In its own yearly presidential address, he said that if south american The Senate does not approve contract START to start brand new arms race. But such risk is unlikely someone will be assured of the senators — Republicans or Democrats — to support the contract.

Medvedev, as if trying to blackmail to force the Senate to ratify the START Treaty, and such an attitude to discover hardly would endure no matter which of the states. Amid reports the Wall Street Journal that our homeland have started a short-range nuclear missiles near NATO forces bragging Medvedev unlikely Does President Obama lives easier.

"American officials they say that the redeployment of warheads on the base, located at the border with NATO allies, contrary to the promises to withdraw tactical nuclear weapons from the border regions and reduce their number, which Moscow had given in 1991. United States has long displayed a concern about the lack of transparency of in the issues related to its arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, the scope of which is said to be many times greater than south american"- Writes Wall Street Journal.

In fact, our home is not interested in having to try to compete with the America or threaten Europe — own naikrupneyshemu buyer of natural gas. Suffice it to recall what ends the last such attempt. Russian alliance fell apart. Our homeland has lost most of the gains acquired by the results of the second world war. In practice, collapsed last stately European empire. With this in mind, neuzh something Medvedev really thinks that Russia should get involved in a new competition with the United States?

The fact that Medvedev — like Obama — desperately need, that START was ratified. Both presidents need the foreign policy victory. Personally, I believe that the contract should be approved. Hullabaloo raised by Senator Kyle about the potential risks associated with the contract entirely unjustified. Cooperation with Russia, allowing on-site inspections and get rid of excess weapons — a thing, of course, necessary.

With all this bad that Medvedev also decided to stand in a pose. No doubt, some russophobes in America will find it a moral statement analogue speech Stalin, February 9, 1946 in Bolshennom theater, which stated that "the development of world capitalism in our time is … through crises and military disaster", and which Western policy is fully justified perceived as a challenge to the Western democracies. Then it started to cool war. At this time anything like this, of course, will not happen. But, whatever fate awaited contract START, quite naturally, that things between America and Russia will have another hit.

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