Nuclear explosion on the moon?

The photo on the left a crater on the Moon, and the right crater left by nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site, USA. And there are identical craters on the lunar surface in abundance. The entire surface of the moon is covered with craters, similar to the impact of underground and above-ground nuclear explosions.

There are many facts that in ancient times on the ground and in the near-Earth space, including the moon — were the real star wars using powerful weapons.

But it is likely that humanity had a hand in our satellite. In 1958, the command of the U.S. Air Force would like to arrange a nuclear explosion on the moon. Project Vela for a long time has been hidden behind lock and key. It only declassified in 2000.
U.S. claims that the project is on the stage of development has not gone, but is it really? In addition to the U.S. and the Soviet Union had designs of nuclear testing on the Moon, and the secret archives are still not open.

This is an American nuclear test in the Nevada desert. Each funnel — the trace of a nuclear explosion.

And so such tests appear on the surface

Natural science does not confirm such hypotheses, and yet not so long ago, the Americans bombed the moon live broadcasting this "science experiment."

Arrange explosion on a natural satellite of the Earth, NASA scientists decided that was left wondering, there is water on the moon, and in what quantity. This response, the researchers wanted to get, literally, out of the dust.

Cloud of soil were observed in several aircraft in lunar orbit, including the second lunar probe, LRO, and observatories on Earth.

For the experiment, selected Cabeus crater on the south pole of the moon.

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