Oil delivered at any price

Tanker "Minerva Zoe" completes unloading at the port of Odessa 76.5 thousand tons of oil to Belarus.

Tanker moored in the harbor on Saturday night — the agency Interfax-Ukraine.

The first batch of oil delivered to the Odessa ICC in April. The second tanker arrived at the port of Odessa on June 19, the third — on June 29.

Venezuelan oil that Belarus buys, receives tankers to the port of Odessa, and then deliver it to the Oil Refinery by rail through Ukraine.

According to the agreements Lukashenko i Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Minsk plans to buy from Caracas 4 million tons of oil 2010 i 10 million tons — in 2011y.

Recently, the financial news agency referring to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus announced the price at which the alleged Belarus buys oil in Venezuela. According to the message, the cost of purchase and transportation of the first 80,000 tonnes of oil from Venezuela amounted to 656 dollars per ton.


Oil Venesuela

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