Old men alcoholics — medical or social phenomenon?

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Each of us had seen the elderly, to put it mildly, in a drunken state. Usually this picture is so ugly that we try to move quickly away from them, or even to pretend that simply did not notice. And, really, who wants to look at a dirty, nasty-smelling man who does not stay on his feet, and even begging for coins at the next "bubble"?

But most of all is not as extreme. Most often an elderly person becomes an inveterate drunkard just quietly at home. For example, he has lived alone since his wife died, and the children with their grandchildren moved to another city. Friends are less and less — simply because every year at one of them can not withstand the heart. Keep yourself in shape in order to go to work, have to anything, because there is no work — he has completed his own and sent into retirement.

And how often such peace is not wrapped opportunity to relax away from the crowded works long life, and the feeling that you were consigned to the dustbin! What you do not need anyone that you squeezed lemon, the waste item!

It's really scary. So scary that the human body instinctively tries to find something, though what-the output, though some clue to still continue to live.

And if at this moment is not around people who love and warm support, but just someone who will listen and understand life More recently a successful and respected man can go drastically downhill.

That was the moment at hand in the elderly is alcohol. At first, it might just be a harmless Footprint, just to lighten the mood. After some time, this is a nightly ritual. And the longer it goes, the more irreversible the process is. And now the man, more recently, was keenly interested in the political life, who had been watching the news and even run in the mornings, turns to the sinful, degrading thing.

The fact is that in old age alcohol dependence develops much faster than the young. Hungover state is accompanied by a much more severe consequences. His attempt to overcome with the help of another "laying the collar," which is followed by another killer hangover. All vicious circle! And break out of it is almost impossible.

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The body of an old man, so weakened by age features like a sponge absorbs information about the accumulation of alcohol. This can happen even if, before reaching retirement age, a man that is called a "drop in the mouth did not take." During his life he had formed a negative attitude towards drinking, and it is a very powerful force to resist the temptation to finally begin to "eat." But against the background of somatic burdeness together with depression, anxiety, rapid mood variability associated with the change of living conditions (eg, termination of employment or moving to a new place of residence), even the most resistant man in a few weeks may be an avid an alcoholic.

If you think about it, you realize how terrible it is! After all, some 30-50 years after the place of the accident can be you or one of your friends. A because avoid it so easily. And you should start now. Think about your parents, grandparents, friends and just about the elderly. They know so much, so many things have gone through, can tell much, to share experiences. It is necessary to begin to talk to them — just like a human conversation — as you can see how they are interesting and deep personality. And the price to pay for all this valuable information, real distillation of the most experienced and understood by them, it will only warmth that you need to give them. After all, what our old people, it is to feel that we need them, without them we "cover", just to feel the need for, and at least some significance. After all, they deserve it, right?

Only in this way — the warmth and attention — is treated alcoholism in the elderly. And no medical procedures, no drip and medicines do not help in this case, if by the old man will not close people radeyuschie for him with all my heart. Consider psychological help and support in this case — it is one of the most important components of alcohol treatment.

There are some signs of a civilized society. And one of them — that's the way society treats its elderly. So let us not in words but in simple everyday life to take care of those who have lived and worked for the future — for the very future in which we live with you. Let's just be grateful and humane. And then, perhaps, by the time when it is time to ourselves to be called elderly, still will seem strange and brutal British law banning provide free health care to drug addicts, alcoholics and … elderly.

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